Christine Crivello Bartolomasi | Owner & Trainer 

Sign: Taurus

Born : San Diego, CA

Workout Prescription:

Certifications: BASI, Pre & Post Natal BASI, TRX, Vital Balance Pilates Advance Classical Training

Suzie Collis.jpg

Suzie Collis | Director of Training & Class Development

Sign : I’m a Gemini to the core!!!

Born : Detroit, Michigan baby!!

Workout Prescription: My favorite workout is Optimal Refine & Cardio dance along with cardio- Band!! If I was teaching them, THIS is the class I would take!! They work the whole body, all the smaller muscles and the movements & the music make me feel ALIVE!! I also do mat pilates once a week which really puts my body in place. And do 2/3 High Intensity classes a week. These classes challenge my balance & strength like nothing else!! For my mind I meditate daily and practice Kundalini yoga...the most beautiful practice which takes you beyond the next level!!!

Certifications: I’ve been in the fitness world for 30years!! NASM personal trainer, Pilates certifications from Marie Jose, Mari Windsor, Romana Kryznowska and Vital Balance Pilates. I have studied and trained with the best in the pilates world!! I am also Kundalini Yoga certified teacher.


Alexis Cedillo

Sign: Virgo

Born: Santa Monica, CA

Workout Prescription:  My workouts vary week to week depending on client schedules, but I never miss a yoga class (1-2 times per week), I need my long run day (3-6 miles) where I put my head phones on and just get in my zone and go. I heavy lift 2times per week, challenging myself to see how much weight I can push. If I can sneak in a HIP pilates class or hight intensity circuit training workout in there- its been a good week! If I am with my girlfriends on the weekend, you can bet I will be dancing for about 4 hours!
I think every body is different and what motivates each person is different. If you can just sweat for atleast 30 minutes everyday, you are on the right track. If I were to pick the perfect prescription: Some form of sweaty cardio where you are huffing and puffing for a good 30+ minutes 2-3 times per week, 2 days of strength training to build lean muscle, and 2 days of pilates/yoga to bring it all together and build that core, muscle endurance, and mental strength (holding those poses are no joke!).

Certifications: BS. Kinesiology at SDSU, NASM - CPT


Dorothy McGatlin.jpg

Dorothy McGatlin

Sign: Gemini

Born: Tucson, Arizona

Workout Prescription: Eat real food and find a workout you like for at least 25 minutes a day 5-6 days a week. I love Pilates 2-3 times a week and a combo of HIIT training and trampoline 2-3 times a week. I also try to take time to stretch and foam roll at least once a week.

Certifications: Basi Pilates certification with dance specialization for working with dancers.

Genevieve Alpay.jpg

Genevieve Alpay

Sign: iCapricorn, our element in Earth and our symbol is the “GOAT”! (I’ll take that!:wink:)

Born: At little company of Mary in Torrance. True Southbay native:sunglasses:

Workout Prescription: On a daily basis, I drink coffee and I take my Collegian (vital proteins) everyday! I also drink doctors order green juice from Whole Foods probably 5x a week! (Yummy x a million) my workouts have to be switched up! I’m now doing a minimum of pilates 3days a week! Pilates does transformation! Everything about pilates! I just love how I feel after any session! The rest is all a plus:arrow_right:cardio/strength training (otf or ave.C stairs or just some good ol treadmill intervals). And I’m definitely incorporating hot yoga 2x a week minimum (soho not hot 8). A mix of workouts work for me and eating healthy which means cooking at home! I love cooking so thankfully that comes with ease! Other than that Vollyball is the next to do list my hubby plays like 4x a week so I need to get my body in that sand, tan and hold that on my sleeve next!

Certification: Pilates Sports Center in encino is where I completed my classical pilates on every apparatus.

Lane Jaffe.jpg

Lane Jaffe

Sign: Leo

Born: Chester, New Jersey

Workout Prescription:  Hiking, biking, yoga, Pilates, meditation....balance

Certifications: RYT - 500 hours

Lauren .jpg

Lauren Potter

Sign: Virgo

Born:  San Jose

Workout Prescription:  It's important for my overall well-being to make sure that I do some kind of workout every day. That doesn't mean that I'm pushing myself to sweat or shake on a daily basis, but really listening to what my emotional and mental needs are, as well. Sometimes I need a high energy cardio class to get motivated for a busy day or pull myself out of a funk, other times I need to slow it down, engage deeply, and stretch. Having HIP in my life gives me every option that I need, and whether I'm teaching or taking class, I always leave feeling happy.

Certifications: Barre, TRX, HIP Comprehensive Pilates Training (1).jpg

Maggie Vaquier

Sign:  Virgo

Born:  Raleigh, NC

Workout Prescription: At the moment and most of this year I’ve been taking a lot of walks up and down hill with a double wide stroller. I think it weighs probably 60 pounds. ; ) 3x a week I try to go for at least a 30 minute jog, do push-ups in my house and abs randomly throughout the day if I have 5 minutes! 2-3 hip classes a week. I Usually just get one Pilates and one cardio class in.
The days I teach I do arms with class! Occasionally I get in a quick swim on the weekends. Or go to yoga. I used to surf with my husband and hope to do more of that this year!

Certifications: BASI 2009. SPX 2009. Polestar 2014. TRX 2011. (2).jpg

Marla Wedge



Workout Prescription:


Roxan Kruse.jpg

Roxan Kruse

Sign:  Leo

Born: Pennsylvania

Workout Prescription:HIP Pilates 2-3x a week Auxiliary class 2x a week Yoga, meditate, and set intentions on a regular basis.

Certifications: Yoga RYT-200, Pilates trained under the BASI method 



Stephanie Fogarty

Sign: Aries

Born:  Carlsbad, CA

Workout Prescription: Change it up daily, challenge your body, and always take a day of rest

Certifications: Barre instructor of 5 years

Tiffany Reppert.jpg

Tiffany Reppert

Sign:  Cancer

Born:  Philadelphia

Workout Prescription:  When I have felt my best, is when I’ve been consistent. Consistency is the key. Whether it’s taking a HIP Pilates class or an Optimal Refine class, commit to 4-5 classes per week; show up, do the work and see the results.

Certifications: Pilates Certification, TRX Certification