Christine Crivello Bartolomasi | Owner & Trainer 

Sign: Taurus

Born : San Diego, CA

Workout Prescription: Pilates! Hands down the best thing you can do for your body. If you stay consistent with it your body will change. For me, my ideal workout prescription is 3/4 Pilates classes a week, one being a Private Classical Reformer or Mat session. Pilates gives me the best foundation to learn how to correctly activate my muscles and making my body feel balanced in all the right places. 3 times a week I'll do Optimal Refine or Burn & Sculpt class. These classes target your smaller muscles with short intervals of cardio. I love the muscle definition and sweat I get from these classes. Every once in a while I'll add a HIIT class for an extra challenge and to keep my endurance up. This plus a clean diet of eating real unprocessed foods keeps me feeling my best! And walking everywhere I can! 

Certifications: BASI, Pre & Post Natal BASI, SPX, TRX, Vital Balance Pilates Advance Classical Training

Suzie Collis.jpg

Suzie Collis | Training & Class Development Director

Sign : I’m a Gemini to the core!!!

Born : Detroit, Michigan baby!!

Workout Prescription: My favorite workout is Optimal Refine & Cardio dance along with cardio- Band!! If I was teaching them, THIS is the class I would take!! They work the whole body, all the smaller muscles and the movements & the music make me feel ALIVE!! I also do mat pilates once a week which really puts my body in place. And do 2/3 High Intensity classes a week. These classes challenge my balance & strength like nothing else!! For my mind I meditate daily and practice Kundalini yoga...the most beautiful practice which takes you beyond the next level!!!

Certifications: I’ve been in the fitness world for 30years!! NASM personal trainer, Pilates certifications from Marie Jose, Mari Windsor, Romana Kryznowska and Vital Balance Pilates. I have studied and trained with the best in the pilates world!! I am also Kundalini Yoga certified teacher.


Alexis Cedillo

Sign: Virgo

Born: Santa Monica, CA

Workout Prescription:  My workouts vary week to week depending on client schedules, but I never miss a yoga class (1-2 times per week), I need my long run day (3-6 miles) where I put my headphones on and just get in my zone and go. I heavy lift 2 times per week, challenging myself to see how much weight I can push. If I can sneak in a HIP Pilates class or high intensity circuit training workout in there- its been a good week! If I am with my girlfriends on the weekend, you can bet I will be dancing for about 4 hours!
I think every body is different and what motivates each person is different. If you can just sweat for at least 30 minutes every day, you are on the right track. If I were to pick the perfect prescription: Some form of sweaty cardio where you are huffing and puffing for a good 30+ minutes 2-3 times per week, 2 days of strength training to build lean muscle, and 2 days of pilates/yoga to bring it all together and build that core, muscle endurance, and mental strength (holding those poses are no joke!).

Certifications: BS. Kinesiology at SDSU, NASM - CPT


Dorothy McGatlin.jpg

Dorothy McGatlin

Sign: Gemini

Born: Tucson, Arizona

Workout Prescription: Eat real food and find a workout you like for at least 25 minutes a day 5-6 days a week. I love Pilates 2-3 times a week and a combo of HIIT training and trampoline 2-3 times a week. I also try to take time to stretch and foam roll at least once a week.

Certifications: Basi Pilates certification with dance specialization for working with dancers, TRX.

Genevieve Alpay.jpg

Genevieve Alpay

Sign: Capricorn, our element in Earth and our symbol is the “GOAT”! I’ll take that :)

Born: At little company of Mary in Torrance. True Southbay native.

Workout Prescription: On a daily basis, I drink coffee and I take my Collegian (vital proteins) everyday! I also drink doctors order green juice from Whole Foods probably 5x a week (Yummy x a million)! My workouts have to be switched up! I’m now doing a minimum of Pilates 3 days a week! Pilates does transformation! Everything about pilates! I just love how I feel after any session! The rest is all plus. Cardio/strength training (Ave.C stairs or just some good ol treadmill intervals). And I’m definitely incorporating hot yoga 2x a week minimum (soho not hot 8). A mix of workouts work for me and eating healthy which means cooking at home! I love cooking so thankfully that comes with ease! Other than that Volleyball is the next to do list my hubby plays like 4x a week so I need to get my body in that sand, tan and hold that on my sleeve next!

Certification: Pilates Sports Center in encino is where I completed my classical pilates on every apparatus.

Lane Jaffe.jpg

Lane Jaffe

Sign: Leo

Born: Chester, New Jersey

Workout Prescription:  Hiking, biking, yoga, Pilates, meditation....balance

Certifications: RYT - 500 hours

Lauren .jpg

Lauren Potter

Sign: Virgo

Born:  San Jose, CA

Workout Prescription:  It's important for my overall well-being to make sure that I do some kind of workout every day. That doesn't mean that I'm pushing myself to sweat or shake on a daily basis, but really listening to what my emotional and mental needs are, as well. Sometimes I need a high energy cardio class to get motivated for a busy day or pull myself out of a funk, other times I need to slow it down, engage deeply, and stretch. Having HIP in my life gives me every option that I need, and whether I'm teaching or taking a class, I always leave feeling happy.

Certifications: Barre, TRX, HIP Comprehensive Pilates Training (1).jpg

Maggie Vacquier

Sign:  Virgo

Born:  Raleigh, NC

Workout Prescription: For my body, I like 2-3 HIP classes a week! My favorite hip classes are 30/30 Burn & Reform, Cardio Band, HIP Pilates.  When I’m not in the studio I love to swim laps and occasionally run hills. Interval training does wonders for my body. I’m done with long distance anything, after too much long distance running and swimming in my 20’s. I also try to get in one yoga class a week. HIP Studio has been the best strength training program for me and has truly done wonders for my mind, body and spirit!  I eat a Mediterranean diet. I always drink coffee and say yes to wine!

Certifications: BASI 2009. SPX 2009. Polestar 2014. TRX 2011. (2).jpg

Marla Wedge

Sign: Sagittarius

Born: Rochester, NY

Workout Prescription: Every morning is a walk with the dogs. Walking and bike riding have become true favorites, and I do Yoga everyday! HIP workouts, gym workouts and some time in the pool help round out the rest of the week.

Certifications: Yoga and Pilates Reformer 

Roxan Kruse.jpg

Roxan Kruse

Sign:  Leo

Born: Pennsylvania

Workout Prescription:HIP Pilates 2-3x a week Auxiliary class 2x a week Yoga, meditate, and set intentions on a regular basis.

Certifications: Yoga RYT-200, Pilates trained under the BASI method 


_DSC1295 2.jpg

Stephanie Fogarty

Sign: Aries

Born:  Carlsbad, CA

Workout Prescription: Change it up daily, challenge your body, and always take a day of rest

Certifications: Barre instructor of 5 years


Lizzette Perdue

Sign: Cancer, I'm secretly a softie on the inside, tough shell though

Born: Los Angeles , CA  

Workout Prescription: You'll find me on a reformer 3-4 X week & shaking my tailfeather in a Cardio Band class the other 2 days, skating down the strand at my leisure, and on my off days.. with a donut in hand. Its all about balance. right? 

Certifications: HIP Certification

Megan Brenan.jpeg

Megan Brenan



Workout Prescription: