I've never done Pilates; should I start with a Private Lesson?

At HIP, we welcome all fitness levels. All of our trainers are Pilates certified and our classes are designed to work in a group setting where exercises can be modified for each client. Most new clients do great in our group classes; however, if you have an injury or it's been awhile since you have worked out, we recommend a Private session. Pilates is the best thing to do for an injury however, our High Intensity Pilates Group Classes are not the best for some injuries. If you have an injury or questions please call the studio  so we can discuss what is best for you. 

It's my first time, what should I do?                              

For your first class, please arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can meet with your instructor and get you familiar with our equipment. We want to give you the best fitness experience possible and your safety is our # 1 priority. If you arrive late for your first class, we reserve the right to reschedule you for another time/date. This is to ensure your safety and it can also be very distracting for other clients when the teacher has to stop the class that has already started. Please give yourself enough time to park and get yourself set up so you can have the best experience possible. We do require grip socks for our Pilates classes and bring your workout shoes for all other class. Please remember, no cell phones during class….this is YOUR 50 minutes. No distractions :)!

What if a class is full? 

If a class is full, add yourself to the wait list. As soon as someone cancels, you will be sent an email/text confirming that you’ve been added to the class. Our wait list shuts off 8 hours before the class, so within 8 hours of the class is always a great time to see if something has opened. We allow clients to book 30 days in advance and most of the time, clients always cancel before and after our 8 hour window. Use the waitlist, it works!

How does the Wait List work? 

Use our wait list; it works! Just add yourself to the wait list and as soon as someone cancels, you will receive an email/text notifying you that you got in. If you do not want the class, it is your responsibility to cancel yourself out to avoid any late cancel fees. The wait list shuts off 8 hours before the class and you will not be automatically added after that period. If you haven’t received an email, please re-check the schedule as spots always open up. Please note: If you are on the waitlist for an early morning class you can be added anywhere between 10pm - 4am the night before. Please cancel yourself out of the class BEFORE being added to avoid the late cancel or no show fee. Chances are high you will get in so if you want the spot keep yourself in. If you don't cancel before you go to bed so it opens a spot for another client.

I bought a package, but the system isn't letting me book?

When you purchase a class pack or a monthly membership, Mindbody will set your start date based on the first class you schedule. Once you schedule that first class, the system will not let you book anything before that date. If this has happened, simply cancel yourself out of the classes you have scheduled and re-register with scheduling the first calendar date of the class you want to take. If this isn’t the issue, please give us a call and we can fix it on our end. 

Where do I park?

During peak hours, if our lower & upper parking lots are full, we have two great parking options for you: 
1. If you are driving south on PCH, the best place to park is on 11th street. You will turn right off of PCH and you will find a row of 2 hour FREE parking as well as a HUGE parking lot - no meters; all FREE PARKING. This is directly across the street from the studio and a quick walk across PCH. 
2. Just north of HIP on 13th street, there are typically open spaces in the neighborhood and on the hill.