High Intensity Pilates®

A 50-minute calorie burning, sweat inducing, body sculpting, full body workout on our custom-designed Reformer with experience and certified Pilates instructors. This class is designed to reshape your body by ramping up the intensity so you’re burning calories all day long. You will build strength, learn how to correctly engage your muscles and align your body with each movement. Classes are designed to flow from one exercise to the next, fueled by music to keep your body and mind in the zone and continually challenge your muscles. You will develop a lean, flexible and strong body by strengthening the deep muscular structure in each exercise and increase your cardiovascular endurance. *May include exercises incorporating the Reformer jumpboard. *Grip socks are required. 

High Intensity Pilates® with Jumpboard

Looking to build speed and power? Need to work through knee and ankle issues? The jumpboard fastens to the end of the Reformer, adding a cardio component to a regular HIP class and burns serious calories. Using the principals of Plyometrics, the jumpboard takes gravity out of the equation for less stress on the joints while strengthening and toning legs, arms and core. It’s a great low impact cardio workout. *Grip socks required. 


Incinerate your goals before you know it. Get ready to push yourself  to your physical, mental and emotional limits. In this 50 minute power at play class built on the principles of High Intensity Interval training, this class focuses on cardio intervals whether on the trampoline or the mat combined with active strength based recovery sections interspersed throughout. Sink into the beat of the music and prepare yourself for an energizing shift through plyometrics, speed and agility training .

Cardio Band

This is a heart pumping, sweat inducing, full body sculpting class that will burn an unparalleled number of calories and create long lean lines. The Cardio portion is done on the JumpSport Mini Trampoline or an easy to follow choreographed floor workout. We then incorporate the resistance bands to fire up your muscles and hit various rotations to create definition in your arms, back, abs and legs.

Burn & Sculpt

This class will reshape your body and is designed to work your smaller muscle groups. First half is taught on the JumpSport Mini Trampoline giving you your high intensity cardio boost. Second half, we add in ankle weights to go deep into your intrinsic muscles where you will start to see definition and reshape your legs. This is your secret weapon to defined legs, a lifted booty and toned abs. You will lose inches in your arms, waist, hips and thighs. A must add to your weekly routine.  

Optimal Refine

You'll work it all in this full body 50 minute class designed to create long lean muscles by targeting smaller muscle groups. Each class includes an arms series using light hand weights, a legs series targeting you butt, hips and thighs and core series. Combine with our Cardio Boost Class or Foam Rolling Boast for optimal results. If you love Burn & Sculpt and Cardio Band you will love this class! 

Burn & Reform

This is the ultimate Pilates class, taking you to your limits. The first half focuses on ramping up your heart rate, using the mini trampolines, free weights, HIIT and Tabata circuits. It's HIGH INTENSITY all the way, so if you're looking for a calorie burner, this is it! The second half is all about the basic fundamentals of Pilates, focusing on technique and form. We dive deep into each movement focusing on breath, initiating each exercise from the proper place and increasing the effectiveness of your Pilates experience

Boost Classes

For the days you want a little extra. Boost classes are included for monthly/auto-renew members and will allow you to do a boost class plus another class in one day. For non-members (session pack clients) pay $15 pricing for each boost class. You can add yourself to the class and we will process payment from our end. 

Cardio Boost (Trampoline/Move)

20 minutes on the trampoline or floor (move) for days you want a little cardio. Perfect to combine with a Pilates or our new Optimal Refine class. 

Foam Rolling

30 minutes to roll away tense muscles head to toe. Increase blood flow, relieve muscle tension and increase range of motion. 

Power Yoga

Designed to lengthen and strengthen your body, but also calm the central nervous system. Through a Vinyāsa flow you will link postures to breath and movement. This class will help cultivate the awareness needed to be present with whatever you are doing inside and outside the studio. 


Lengthen and strengthen your muscles during this 50 minute full body workout. This class will push you to challenge both the body and the mind while focusing on working each muscle group to fatigue. Full range movements alongside targeted isometrics work gets you deep into that shake and burn zone! 

“I'm totally addicted to this place!”

HIP by far offers the most effective, challenging, and addictive workouts!

— Marcia G. 

“I swear, HIIT50 helps get rid of stubborn cellulite!”

The biggest difference in my body is the overall toning that I've never had before with any exercise program (and I swear, HIIT50 helps get rid of stubborn cellulite!) Since I have been at the studio, I have lost almost 20lbs & gone down 2 pant sizes!

— Kim K.

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