With Purpose Not Momentum

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

We all know fitness theories very from sport and regimen. What might be great for a marathon runner could be wrong for a tennis player. We know the general rules of exercise, like working within your own body’s range. You don’t have to lift 10 million pounds or stretch your leg past your head to feel the burn. We know that form trumps quantity and aim to engage the core before any set. But it’s hard to execute every rep with perfection, especially when fatigue sets in and self-perseverance feels like a joke. To this we say: with purpose not momentum. You know to lift something heavy with your knees not your back, so why would you muscle through the last few seconds of an exercise, throwing technique to the wind? Make the decision to make it count, preserving flawless form to change your body. With this slight change in ideology as you step into a workout, you can change your whole experience.

Momentum alone won’t make you stronger, but purpose will.