Why Has Pilates Become So Popular?

Pilates Manhattan Beach

 If your workout routine has left you uninspired and bored, you may want to give Pilates Manhattan Beach a try.  Pilates is a form of fitness that was developed by a man named Joseph Pilates. It emphasizes on developing core strength and flexibility.  People who do Pilates become more aware of their body and can build better posture and body alignment.

In recent years, Pilates has grown to be one of the most well known fitness systems in the nation. Nearly every gym and fitness center in the U.S. offers Pilates classes. It has become just as popular as yoga. Many people like Pilates because it works great for all kinds of fitness levels. You don’t have to be a hard-core athlete to do Pilates, Manhattan Beach. It’s great for someone who is rehabilitating an injury, runners, dancers, yoga students, women who have just had a baby and even those on a beginning fitness level.  You can modify the movements to fit your physical ability.

Once you start doing Pilates Manhattan Beach regularly, you will become stronger, more fit and able to do most activities with ease.  You will notice a leaner, more flexible body with more energy.  There are so many benefits to Pilates and that is why it is one of the more popular workouts these days.

The basis of Pilates is core conditioning.  The core muscles are the muscles in the stomach and back.  Conditioning and strengthening these muscles lead to better alignment, posture and overall stability throughout the entire torso. For these reasons, Pilates is popular among those looking for relief from back pain. When the core is properly conditioned, the back will be relieved from pressure and the body will be better aligned and will move more effectively.

The principles of Pilates Manhattan Beach include control, flow, breath, centering, precision, and concentration.  Following these principals will ensure you get the most from your workout.  The workouts emphasize proper movement over the number of reps you can do.  In the workouts, you focus on precision and maximum effort.

So what makes Pilates stand out among all other exercise programs?  It focuses on strengthening the core without unnecessary stress put on other parts of the body. For example, lifting weights can put stress on the legs while not really balancing the core. Jogging uses the legs and arms but not the core.  A healthy body is achieved when you have a strong core.  Pilates works the core and strengthens it before any other parts of the body.  With a strong core, you can focus on strengthening your entire body, and workout movements will become easier.

HIP studio employs qualified and trained Pilates instructors so you will know you will be getting the proper Pilates training and actually strengthening your core.  With regular practice, you will become stronger, leaner and healthier.