What Benefits Will You Gain From Pilates Classes?

Pilates Classes Pilates workouts have become a worldwide phenomenon.  It has gained popularity among the general public as well as elite athletes.  People are seeing that Pilates classes work. There are many benefits to the exercise that keeps people coming back for more.  Not only is it great for weight loss, but it can help you recover from an injury or help with body aches and pains.

One of the biggest benefits of Pilates that makes it easy for anyone to do is that there is no equipment needed.  No barbells, no balls, no weights. Just you and your Pilates mat.  It’s a basic method of exercise that appeals to a lot of people who don’t want to mess with a lot of equipment.

Pilates uses your own body for resistance, which makes it the perfect workout for anyone, anywhere, anytime.  It’s suggested that you don’t attempt Pilates without first gaining proper instruction from a qualified Pilates trainer.  Take a few Pilates classes until you become familiar with the movements. Then you can practice them on your own.

Pilates emphasizes on breathing, and each Pilates exercise has a different breathing pattern. You will use big breaths combined with controlled, fluid movements to result in a relaxing, yet invigorating experience.  Most people say they have more energy after a Pilates class.  More oxygen has gone to the brain with proper breathing techniques giving the body more energy.

Pilates gives the body the kind of exercise it needs.  It’s not just working one area of the body.  It works on flexibility, strength training and cardio vascular.  It’s the combination of these three that can make you an overall healthy person.   Cardio alone will not get you at your healthiest state.  And strength training alone will not get you there.  You have to combine the two to be your best.  And with both strength training and cardio, you need the flexibility to perform the moves with proper technique.  Pilates classes touches on all of these.  It helps you become the healthiest, strongest person you can be.

Since there are no sudden, jarring movements in Pilates, it is very beneficial to those with bad joints.  While running is a great activity that many people enjoy, overtime it can really cause harm to your joints. The constant jarring and pounding on the pavement is not good for anyone. If you are experiencing pain in your joints due to this type of exercise, give Pilates classes a try to see if it helps your joints feel better.  Because of the controlled, soft movements, Pilates is something you can do for life without worrying about doing harm to your joints and body.

Since Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles in the abdomen and back, many people with back problems benefit greatly from Pilates.  By strengthening those muscles, you may see your back problems disappear.   Pilates helps you stand tall with better posture and a stronger core.  Many doctors recommend Yoga and Pilates classes as a rehabilitation method as long as the patient is well supervised by a trained instructor.