Bounce Your Way to a Better Body With Trampoline Workouts at HIP Studio

Getting caught up in the same workout routine can inhibit you progress and become boring. Many people become unmotivated if they are not challenged and excited to exercise. If you are in a rut, consider attending trampoline workouts offered at HIP Studio.

trampoline workouts

Thought Trampolines Were for Kids? Think Again

A rebounder, or small trampoline designed specifically for working out, is one of the most fun and exciting ways you can strengthen and tone your body. Not only does a trampoline decrease impact related stress, but it is more beneficial for more muscle groups than traditional running, or aerobic workouts.

The thrill kids get from jumping is actually very good for your body’s circulatory system. The quick changes in relative gravity, or G forces, increase your circulation and encourage more toxins to exit your system. This allows your body to concentrate less on expelling harmful toxins, and instead focus on strengthening and toning your muscles. It is a good way to increase your whole body’s metabolism, instead of just the metabolism of a few muscles groups.

High Intensity Workouts

Trampoline exercise has been shown to be more effective in ten minutes than 30 minutes of running. This is because balancing requires more muscle control from unused muscles groups. Tiring your entire body at once is what is known as high intensity interval training. HIP Studio offers several different classes focused on interval training, and the trampoline centered class is one of them.

Rebounding combines flexibility, strength, and endurance. If it has been a while since you have jumped on a trampoline, you will be amazed at how many muscle groups a rebounder targets. Not only is a trampoline exercise session great for your health, but it can give you results fast. HIP Studio has designed a 50 minute class that can fit into your busy schedule. This high powered workout fits a longer workout in less time by combining core strength, balance, and cardio exercises in one workout.

Low Impact Will Save Your Joints

Many people who want to become healthier try running and discover that their knees and ankles cannot handle the stress of pounding on the ground or on a treadmill. Rebounder exercises allow the same level of fitness, but decreases the impact by as much as 80%. This still allows enough impact for your bones to become stronger, but not enough impact to place your joints in danger.

Trampoline classes offer an amazing balance of fun and serious fitness. If you struggle with your workout routine, the rebounder class offered by HIP Studio is the perfect way to add some spring to your fitness schedule. You will find yourself looking forward to your trampoline classes, and you will amazed by how quickly your body’s balance improves, and how difficult to target muscles groups become toned.

You can experience a Rebounder class in either the Bag of Tricks class, or any of the 30/30 Burn classes. Both options use trampolines to get your heart rate moving, and to spice up what might otherwise be more of the same exercise classes you are used to. The 30/30 classes add variety to your workouts, and all utilize the amazing strengthening power of the trampoline.