Top 3 Tips for Staying on Track all Summer Long!

1. Hydrate! The more water you drink the better. It helps with weight loss by flushing out the toxins and keeps you feeling full. Water makes your skin look great and your belly flatter. It regulates your body temperature, minimizes cellulite and fuels your muscles allowing you to exercise more efficiently. Water plays a huge role in the metabolic breakdown of proteins & carbohydrates as it stimulates enzymes that burn fat. Flat water, sparkling water, lemon water or chlorophyll water (one of our favorites right now). We aim to get at least 75 oz. of water each day. Just keep sipping it throughout the day and feel the difference.
2. 10,000 steps a day or more! They say this is the magic number and we believe it. We've tracked our steps and the days we hit this number are the days we feel our best. The key is don't be lazy. If you can walk somewhere, do it. Park at the end of a parking lot, take the stairs... anywhere you can get in extra steps makes a difference. The more active you are each day the easier it is to maintain your weight and even lose weight. Go on an early morning walk or better yet after dinner walk with the family. Buy a step tracker this summer and see what you're clocking in each day.
3. Eat real food & eliminate as much sugar as you can! Yes we talk about this a lot but it is all about your diet and sugar is one of the worst things you can put in your body. How you fuel your body is essential to seeing the results of your workouts. This summer we challenge you to start looking at the ingredient list in everything you buy. If it has sugar in it don't buy it. If you can't pronounce something or don't know what it is you probably shouldn't be eating it. This is key to long term weight loss, increased energy and your overall health. Eat your carbs, your grains, nuts, cheese, fruits, protein, fats.... eat it all as long as you know exactly what is in it. From experience, we can both tell you the cleaner your diet, the better you feel and the better you look. Your energy will increase like crazy, skin will look better, you'll be less stressed and you will FEEL BETTER! Need a little inspiration? Follow our Instagram and Pinterest page to see what we are buying and making this summer to stay clean!