The Science Behind High Intensity Interval Training

high intensity interval trainingWritten by: Kayte Corrigan

You’ve heard of it, and you’ve seen it. If you’ve taken Bag Of Tricks, you’ve done it. High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is a great time saver for your workouts and science backs the benefits.

HIIT is a set of short bursts of intense exercise balanced with short breaks for quick recovery. Studies of young healthy college students have shown this type of training produces the same benefits of long duration endurance workouts. Push a little harder, a little faster for a shorter amount of time? Yes please!

Going “all out” and pushing yourself slightly beyond your comfort zone for that day in the intervals helps deliver fuel and oxygen to muscles more effectively, burning fat and calories just like endurance exercises. In a high intensity set you go beyond the upper end of your aerobic zone burning calories as you recover from the burst. Burning it off while you take break, that’s right. All while boosting your overall cardiovascular fitness!

Although Scientists are still researching HIIT and the secrets to its success in half the time, they can say it stimulates many of the same cellular pathways responsible for the results seen from endurance training. Remember that warming up and cooling down is important for HIIT, don’t stop abruptly. Listen to your body during exercises. Pushing it to your limit is different then going beyond your limit.

Get HIP with HIIT, incorporating it in your weekly routine it backed by science, after all. If you have any questions be sure to ask your Bag Of Tricks instructors.