The Locals Dish - Clean Eating, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

clean eatingSouthern California might be one of the healthiest spots in the country. There are so many options around here to buy and eat organic, clean, healthy, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, fresh and local. You can get whatever you need for your diet and lifestyle. But sometimes with so many options it’s hard to know where to go and what to get. We asked our trainers for recommendations. Here are some of their clean eating favorites.
Heidi enjoys the Earth Salad at Malibu Fish Grill (hold the raisins & mandarin oranges). She say to make sure to add grilled/plain Mahi and house dressing on side. At Watermans she gets sushi grade Ahi with arugula which is a dish called Indo. She also recommends The Source for protien shakes.

Randyn also likes the The Source for their juices. They take a while because they are made from the freshest ingredients, they are actually cutting the fruit to order. Make sure you have some extra time if you’re going there at peak times.

When Maggie doesn’t want to cook she heads to Beach Pizza on Highland for their chopped salad, minus cheese plus grilled chicken. A great light and fresh salad with olive oil and vinegar on the side. She also loves the curry cauliflower at Lemonade. “It’s the best!”

Suzie always orders the Spinach Salad at Wildflour Pizza. 

Christine goes for the Salmon Salad at Marine Street Cafe and holds the tempera avocado. She also recommends Poulet de Jour Chicken Spinach Salad without croutons (so good you don’t need them). You can also find her at The Source on Pier ave getting the Kale Salad to go.
Marla’s favorite spot is The Spot. Her favorite is Dear Bubba, skip the cornbread and get it a la carte!
Colin loves to jump across the street to My Fit Foods for a Burrito.
Amber’s #1 is The Green Temple in Redondo. Always a good, healthy place and everything is great.