The Coconut Oil Comeback, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

The once feared fat of movie theater popcorn is making quite the comeback with a new image as a natural food. This vegan staple has made it’s rounds in the baking world as it provides two states to cook with: a solid paste and a thin oil when melted down. It’s the butter of a new generation. It’s sweet taste makes it easy to cook with as well. A great alternative to your fave EVOO when your pallet doesn’t call for it’s bitterness.
But why in the 90s did this versatile oil get into a Godzilla to be feared by arteries far and wide? The studies that were conducted 20 years ago used partially hydrongated coconut oil instead of virgin. The chemically treated oil creates trans fats as well as destroying antioxidants and essential fatty acids present in the virgin variety.
There have been other health claims about coconut oil, but none of them have been backed up by scientific research. It might not make you skinnier or cure HIV, but in moderation its a great cooking tool if you need to cut out dairy or processed foods. It also has been praised as a great moisturizer as well as an aromatic stress reliever when rubbed on temples and massaged into scalp and neck.
No matter how you choose to experiment with it, a little jar of virgin coconut oil could quickly become your new favorite purchase.