No Awards for Skipped Meals, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Malnutrition comes in many shapes and sizes and skipping meals isn’t the same as portion control. It’s a fine line to tow, but being regimented has its rewards wrapped in health and fitness.

Under eating and skipping meals puts your body in emergency mode that’s accompanied by a release of cortisol. Energy conservation begins, and when you do finally eat, you’ll tend to overeat. This leads to potentially risky metabolic changes with elevated glucose levels and delayed insulin response. From skipping meals (especially breakfast) you can expect increased fat storage and weakened performance of brain functions as well as depleted energy. 

You should always be eating enough so that your workouts improve overtime. To see this growth of strength and agility means that your body is adapting and your metabolism is changing. Try not to overeat and you should still see weight loss if that’s your goal.

Notice the point system for the HIP 90 Challenge only awards you for eating. If you skip the meal you don’t earn the points. Get your calories on time. If you have to, shrink your meals so you can eat all 3 and 2 snacks. Sure… skip the cake, but don’t skip the meal.