The Difference A Year Makes

A note from the editor:

Kayte Walsh, HIP Trainer

If you’d ask me a year ago if I would be working as a fitness instructor and writing articles I would have jokingly replied, “Promise?” My career was stuck in a rut. For 3 years I found myself a freelance field producer for mostly reality TV shows. While flexing my creative muscle building stories and shoots for whoever was cast, I felt unfulfilled. As I bounced from show to show conditions got worse and budgets got smaller. I started fantasizing about stealing the bike and yoga mat from a girl I saw every day on my morning commute, telling her we needed to trade lives.

The thought began to build itself in my mind. I could go back to teaching fitness and have more control over my writing. It floated like a thought bubble above my head constantly. It wasn’t until a particularly hard 92-hour workweek on a location with a lot of secondhand smoke (casino) that I broke, dusting off my fitness resume and answered an ad on a whim. A few days later I received a call from Amber, HIP Studio co-owner.

Her voice was energetic and light, the complete opposite from my complaining coworkers. She wanted to know if I could come in to teach a mock class. I began to over share my story of being stuck on location, how I wanted a career change, how I wasn’t happy and she commiserated. Opening her own studio had transformed her life and she was now happy indeed. Just as we were about to get off the phone Amber asked me, “It says that you’re a writer too. We are looking for someone for our website and blog, would you be interested in that as well?” I almost dove through the phone to hug her.

I felt as though I had been rescued and I share this story now as a reminder that this year is your oyster. Take a chance to become who you want to be, do what you desire and become happy indeed.