Hello? Your Body’s Calling

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Only five days left! It’s hard to believe I needed the challenge in the first place. Exercising 6 days a week is no sweat now. We’ll I’m sweating a lot, but making it a priority has become easy. I’ve even had to remind myself to take the rest day. I get excited to pick my classes. Lately I’ve been really trying to listen to my body and the more I work out and eat right, the better I am figuring out what it’s trying to tell me. Like it has a thick accent and the more I’m around it the more clearly it comes through.

Some days it tells me it needs some hard cardio and a drenched sweat. Other days I need strength and stability training. There are days when a good groove session is all I need. At least once a week my body needs yoga, and I think my mind needs yoga too!

On occasion, my body will tell me to rest. Last week, I came home one day cranky, tired, heavy and hungry. My throat was scratchy and my head hurt. Determined not to get sick, I ate a green salad with turkey for protein and a couple cuties as well as pumped up on vitamins. Later, I crashed on the couch for several hours before heading up to bed. The crash and need for nourishment was my body’s way of telling me to slow down. The next day was off to a slow start, but I felt much better and gained more energy as the day went on. It’s amazing what rest and eating right can do!

Looking forward to revealing my results next week! Maybe it will inspire you to do your own Tone Up / Slim Down HIP Challenge in the new year?

Kayte Walsh

Trainer HIP Studio