I’m a basil murderer.

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

I may or may not be on my 3rd basil plant. I have a slight mental block on the issue. Truth be told they don’t last forever, but I regretfully have prematurely ended the lives of 2 defenseless basils.

Fresh basil, the fantastic-on-just-about-everything herb, always goes bad before I have a chance to use it all. So when I found a plant at the store for 3 dollars it was a no-brainer. Fresh lemon pesto on everything! In the beginning, it was flourishing, in the end it was sad. I do think I got my money’s worth, but I needed to buy a new one. Which I killed very quickly, and I couldn’t explain it.

3rd time is a charm. I learned a few tips and my thumb is slightly greener because of it.

  • Basil needs drainage. If your plant resides in a pot, the pot needs to have drainage holes in the bottom. This was how I killed plant #2 so quickly.
  • Basil loves to sunbathe. So find a sunny window or place outside for 6 hours of sunlight. But you must water every day.
  • Basil weeps when it is neglected. If you haven’t watered it in a couple days basil will let you know. It’s leaves will be sad and deflated. TLC immediately. Plenty of water to soak all the dry spots. Try to water it every day to prevent the basil sadness.
  • Basil protects the young, and it’s the key to a big basil family. When you harvest, take from the top, always. Your plant will grow out fuller and bushier. Feel free to harvest a lot, you will only need to leave the youngest leaves 2 from the soil. Always pick off the flowers. I did not know this and it resulted in the slow death of plant #1.

I hope you have better basil bedside manner than me. Here’s to basil plant #3!

-Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer

Processed Food Hangover, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

A couple weeks ago I was caught without my trusty snack bag, completely unprepared at a friend’s house. It was a food emergency. I didn’t want to turn my nose at what I was offered since I was in starvation mode, so I agreed to sharing her frozen bagged Trader Joes stir fry. I realized it was flashed frozen and the sauce was probably loaded with sugar, but beggars can’t be choosers. I did see carrots and broccoli and resolved that it wasn’t like I was choking down a Happy Meal.

Truth be told, I felt like I was choking it down. It tasted awful. The carrots didn’t taste like carrots, the broccoli didn’t taste like anything, chicken was dry and tasteless. What I did taste was all the sugar in the sauce. After eating almost zero refined sugars (you might note that I had a slice of chocolate cake earlier this month) I could really tell there was sugar in there. I was astonished at how my pallet had adapted to eating and enjoying real food.

The next day I woke up and felt pretty okay. I mean, I totally felt guilty I had ate processed food and didn’t even enjoy it, but physically I felt fine. As the day went on I pushed water and ate clean, but I slowly felt sick. The following morning and into the night was not great. I was bloated, cramping, tired, nauseous, basically I felt like I had a hangover. Also not worth it, because I didn’t drink the night before. No pleasure, all pain.

I did have a hangover. Candida floods your body with a toxic by-product called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde produces similar symptoms to an alcohol hangover. I would rather have had 3 goblets of wine and just dealt with my justified headache.

I found this great article on the effects of a sugar hangover. Even the occasional refined sugar and processed food can yield the hangover effect.



Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer

The Difference A Year Makes

A note from the editor:

Kayte Walsh, HIP Trainer

If you’d ask me a year ago if I would be working as a fitness instructor and writing articles I would have jokingly replied, “Promise?” My career was stuck in a rut. For 3 years I found myself a freelance field producer for mostly reality TV shows. While flexing my creative muscle building stories and shoots for whoever was cast, I felt unfulfilled. As I bounced from show to show conditions got worse and budgets got smaller. I started fantasizing about stealing the bike and yoga mat from a girl I saw every day on my morning commute, telling her we needed to trade lives.

The thought began to build itself in my mind. I could go back to teaching fitness and have more control over my writing. It floated like a thought bubble above my head constantly. It wasn’t until a particularly hard 92-hour workweek on a location with a lot of secondhand smoke (casino) that I broke, dusting off my fitness resume and answered an ad on a whim. A few days later I received a call from Amber, HIP Studio co-owner.

Her voice was energetic and light, the complete opposite from my complaining coworkers. She wanted to know if I could come in to teach a mock class. I began to over share my story of being stuck on location, how I wanted a career change, how I wasn’t happy and she commiserated. Opening her own studio had transformed her life and she was now happy indeed. Just as we were about to get off the phone Amber asked me, “It says that you’re a writer too. We are looking for someone for our website and blog, would you be interested in that as well?” I almost dove through the phone to hug her.

I felt as though I had been rescued and I share this story now as a reminder that this year is your oyster. Take a chance to become who you want to be, do what you desire and become happy indeed.

HIP Slim Down/Tone Up Challenge: Results!

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Today is the day! Thanks to two and a half months of hard workouts, the HIP trainers and the HIP 7-Day Detox, I officially fit back into my dance team jeans. Happy Birthday to me!

I’m not just counting the buttons on my fly, I’ve got pounds and inches to add up too. I’ve lost 10lbs, 1 inch off my bust, 2 inches at my waist and 2 more around my hips. My limbs are slimmer too, with a half-inch gone on each thigh and a whopping 1½ inches on each arm! That’s 9 inches that disappeared. Someone take me somewhere tropical, I’m bikini ready!

This isn’t over because my day is up, it’s a lifestyle makeover I’m dedicated to maintaining. I had neglected my health by letting stress not only pack on the pounds but I also put my body on a problem path of migraines and fatigue. My change in mindset is a gift that goes beyond the weight loss. It’s the best birthday present I could give to myself.

I’m feeling so good, another year older doesn’t mean anything. I can’t wait to jump into 29 and rebound back up to 30 next year!

The before picture on the left was taken 9/22/12, shooting a short video. The after photo on the right was taken 12/16/12, wearing said dance team jeans of 2003 with each button buttoned! Hope to see you at HIP working for results too!

Kayte Walsh

Trainer, HIP Studio



Hello? Your Body’s Calling

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Only five days left! It’s hard to believe I needed the challenge in the first place. Exercising 6 days a week is no sweat now. We’ll I’m sweating a lot, but making it a priority has become easy. I’ve even had to remind myself to take the rest day. I get excited to pick my classes. Lately I’ve been really trying to listen to my body and the more I work out and eat right, the better I am figuring out what it’s trying to tell me. Like it has a thick accent and the more I’m around it the more clearly it comes through.

Some days it tells me it needs some hard cardio and a drenched sweat. Other days I need strength and stability training. There are days when a good groove session is all I need. At least once a week my body needs yoga, and I think my mind needs yoga too!

On occasion, my body will tell me to rest. Last week, I came home one day cranky, tired, heavy and hungry. My throat was scratchy and my head hurt. Determined not to get sick, I ate a green salad with turkey for protein and a couple cuties as well as pumped up on vitamins. Later, I crashed on the couch for several hours before heading up to bed. The crash and need for nourishment was my body’s way of telling me to slow down. The next day was off to a slow start, but I felt much better and gained more energy as the day went on. It’s amazing what rest and eating right can do!

Looking forward to revealing my results next week! Maybe it will inspire you to do your own Tone Up / Slim Down HIP Challenge in the new year?

Kayte Walsh

Trainer HIP Studio

December Difficulties

Written by: Kayte Corrigan When aiming to fit into dance team jeans, one must fit fitness in. Lately, I’ve been having trouble. Some days I’m so busy, I look at my calendar and just hope I’m still standing by twilight. Then the time of year hits me, cold season looms as the cooler air irritates my throat and my morning tea becomes that much more important. I feel the holiday atmosphere beckoning me to play hooky and make bad decisions. I’m carrying the diet devil and angel on each shoulder. And although I hate to admit it, the score is pretty even.

December is a hard month for a fitness goal, that’s for sure. I’m visualizing my results as my 29th birthday looms, a dangling carrot on the 17th. Well, not a carrot… I’d prefer a double chocolate triple layer cake or 24 inch heart-shaped box of truffles from the finest chocolatier. Obviously, my head is in the gutter.

I’ve already seen great results, but my goal is just out of reach. I only have two weeks left and that last little stubborn flub doesn’t want to leave its preferred spot around my middle. Sticking to a healthy diet and HIP exercise regimen gets harder as we get deeper into December, but I can’t give up now. To stay determined I’m reflecting back on original motives: I want to turn 29 healthy, happy and comfortable in my pants. I know the body I’m meant for is healthy, not the one I lived in during September riddled with fatigue. This inner peace will be worth every cocktail I turn down and every cookie I decline. How are you staying on track this month?

Comment on the post our leave a note on the HIP Facebook Page let’s keep each other motivated!

Indulging in the season yet staying the course,

Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer

One Leg At A Time

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Staying on track during the holiday season is always difficult. I’m the only one to holding me accountable and I don’t want to play hooky on myself. I’ve seen great results thus far, and that makes it easy to attend class 6 days a week. I’ve been feeling so good I even started taking a professional dance class at a studio near my house. I’m using my class of choice per week to get back into a long time love. I’m not 19 anymore, but it was amazing to prove that I still go it! It makes me wonder how else I can astound myself.

Coming off my detox I’ve been pretty much gluten free, except for my choice pardon of Grandma Lily’s pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. The real test is upon me as the invites to holiday parties start piling up. I’m staying positive, my goal is a great motivator so I don’t overindulge.

Only 3 weeks left until the dance team jeans challenge and I am happy to report that I’m already close to reaching my goal. I tried the declared pants on yesterday to realize I only have a little muffin top left to lose and I’ll be flashing back to 2003. Ten years later and still wearing the same jeans, that’s something I’ll be impressed by.

Don’t let the holidays get the best of you, I’ll see you in class!

-Kayte Walsh

Trainer HIP Studio

Back to Reality: Post Detox, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Before this cleanse I experienced several signs that I should detox. I struggled with acne. There was weight I couldn’t lose. I was getting stronger, but I just wasn’t seeing results. Frequent fatigue was something I’ve been troubled with for over a year. When producing, after finishing a show I’d need a week or 2 in bed. I wouldn’t feel 100% until a month later. I constantly felt scattered and ill prepared no matter how hard I tried get on top of things. I was overwhelmed and stressed.

While invasive to your life for one week, following the strict guidelines the HIP 7-Day Detox is very much worth it. At least it was for me. My 2nd colonic with Georgette showed my results, even she was impressed. I was clean and green with good bacteria levels and healthy movement. She admitted to doubting my potential due to the state of my first colonic. I loved seeing my efforts validated in addition to many other results.

·      I lost weight. I lost about 8lbs. Some of this is probably water weight, but it’s a jumpstart. I have less than 5 weeks until my Dance Team Jeans.  

·      I’m more toned. Unseasonably warm weather had me in a tank top when someone pointed out the definition in my arms and back. Toxins stored in fat cells result in cellulite, which cloud hard earned muscles from being visible.

·      My tastes and appetite have shifted. When we eat poorly, although eating enough to be full, its still malnourishment. Because I’ve spent a week getting the right nourishment for my body, my appetite has decreased significantly. I tried a cracker and it tasted like cardboard. I don’t desire processed foods at all and I’m effectively using the fuel I consume from food.  

·      I’m sharper and more mindful. In fact, my apartment has never been cleaner. Georgette explained that clouded judgment and feeling scatterbrained is the result of too much candida. With the purge of that, it’s no wonder I’m feeling smarter.

·      I have purposeful energy that does not dip. I don’t need to reach for caffeine or think about a nap. My body truly uses the energy from the good food I put in.

·      My skin is clearer. My aesthetician was astonished, the texture, tone and color has improved as well as a decrease in blemishes.

Things I’ve changed: way more greens, less refined sugars, more whole foods, less processed foods, way more water with a lemon, quinoa all the time. Georgette recommended I introduce meat back into my diet on beds of leafy greens and in soups.

I would highly recommend this detox. I’m so happy I did it! It has changed the way I look at food and nourishment. This will certainly keep me on track to reach my goal in December. I detoxed at the perfect time too. If I had tried to cleanse as I was ramping up my workouts I would have overwhelmed my body. I was healthy and strong enough to put my body through this cleanse to see optimal results.

For more information about the HIP 7-Day Detox contact Jayne Justice (Nutrition & Heath Coach) at www.jaynejustice.com

For more information on Colon Hydrotherapy and Digestive Health contact Georgette Grabenhorst, CT at www.coloniquecleansing.com 

Thank you to both of them for creating a support system that yields results! It’s great to have professionals like these two ladies in your corner. 

I feel fabulous!

Kayte Walsh


HIP Studio

HIP Detox: Day 7, Last Day!, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

I was up early for my last salt flush/faux broth. I wasn’t going to let my day be burdened waiting for nature to call. Full of energy and in a great mood, I headed out for kickboxing. I still a little weak when it came to strength exercises, but nothing was stopping me from doing my best. I needed a couple bathroom breaks, especially after the jump rope warm up. Overall, it was a great sweat, great workout.

The rest of the day was spent in productive mode while I wrapped up loose ends for Monday deadlines and ran errands. I was extremely focused, full of go and beginning to feel like my old self. Not my old self from before the detox, but my old self from before stress and fatigue had taken over my life. I guess, in a sense, I feel younger, yet wiser. So I’ll be turning 26 in December instead of 29.

While I was running errands, my guy chopped up produce for our last Veggie Power Bowl, and enjoyed while watching 60 Minutes, a Sunday staple of ours. Occasionally we’d treat ourselves to ice cream for the program, but the bowl of green was just as satisfying. And I’m not puffing that statement. I didn’t have one craving for something sweet all day.

With the elixir all gone and sipping my last cup of tea, I took an inventory of how I felt. Lighter, thinner, satisfied, calm, sharp, and clear headed.

Food: Orange, blueberry smoothie with protein and spinach, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, Veggie Power Bowl with quinoa red onions, zucchini, broccoli, spinach + elixir, water with lemon, detox tea.

Symptoms: acne (clearing up!), sleep interruption

Disclaimer: This experience is typical of the HIP Detox, yet everyone is different. This account is only a representation of the effects of the cleanse. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before attempting any sort of cleanse or drastic change in diet.

HIP Detox: Day 6, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

I slept in a little later than usual, I was needing some extra zzzzz’s. I’m done with saltwater flush experimenting now that I’ve found my pretend broth. I was extremely sore from Bag of Tricks yesterday. I attribute that to my lack of protein. While I am getting some, it’s not enough to sustain the strength training in that class. I was gassed.

Although I was sleepy and sore, my body energy was pretty high. I wanted to make today a productive one, so I got right on writing for my deadline and started some laundry. Between housework, and getting up to pee every hour I decided it was a good day to take off of HIP. I foam rolled my sore areas while watching football.

Eating those leafy greens is getting easier. I’m starting to figure out where I can get them in unexpected places. Before this, I would have never put a handful of kale in a smoothie. Now I double the nutrition and size of my smoothie with a cup of greens. I can’t wait to test this next week to see if it gives me a little boost of energy.

So far, I’ve noticed weight loss, appetite change, an increased sense of smell, my skin is starting to clear up and I think my mind is a bit sharper. However, that could just be because I’ve been in a fog for the past few days. But at last the fog is lifting!

Food: Orange, blueberry smoothie with protein and spinach, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, broccoli with lemon tahini, Veggie Power Bowl with quinoa red onions,  peppers, spinach + elixir, water with lemon, detox tea.

Symptoms: Fatigue, dull headache, body aches, acne, sleep interruption.

Disclaimer: This experience is typical of the HIP Detox, yet everyone is different. This account is only a representation of the effects of the cleanse. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before attempting any sort of cleanse or drastic change in diet.