HIP Studio's HIP Tip of the Day: Lemon Water

Sounds so simple but this little fruit is loaded with amazing benefits. We try to have it every morning before our coffee to help us feel clean & energized. Lemons contain a high dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants which have a powerful effect on our bodies. Here are a few reasons why we love them:

- Great for digestion - helps bloating and gets things moving along, if you know what we mean ;)

- Detoxifying & alkalizing for the body, especially the liver & kidneys. Great way to kickstart your morning if you had a little wine the night before!

- Amazing for the skin and said to be a natural wrinkle fighter.

- Hydrating and full of electrolytes which makes it a perfect drink after a sweaty HIP Studio workout!!

Watch the video to find out more on how to get your fix.


What Experts Are Saying About Pilates Classes

Although Pilates was actually developed in the 1920’s, the high profile program did not garner much attention until the last decade or so. Pilates has proven to have a wide range of health benefits, and it allows people to get their bodies into shape by focusing on core strength. Even physicians and holistic health professionals around the world have expressed how truly beneficial Pilates classes can be to the mind, body, and soul. People that take a Pilates class at least a couple of times per week will experience reduced stress, increased flexibility and strength, and they will have a better overall sense of well-being. Keeping the Body Strong and Well with Pilates Core Strength Exercises Dan Westerhold, a physical therapist from Seattle that is trained in the art of Pilates says that he sees huge numbers of clients that have weakness and injuries in the postural muscles due to not exercising the right way and from the lifestyle choices that these people make. He says "People sit slouched at computers all day, then go to the gym and work their extremities, they don't use their core." The key point here is that without the core being strong, the rest of the body would weaken and be prone to injuries, weakness, and even illness.

pilates classesIs Pilates for Everyone? According to physical therapist Michael L. Reed, DPT of Jupiter, Florida, more than 50% of adults in the world experience some form of back pain at some point in their lives. Out of that percentage, 25% of those people have debilitating back pain that significantly impacts their quality of life. While he believes that Pilates and other forms of exercise that focus on the core of the body in areas that support the spine can be extremely beneficial, he also believes that people should be cautious until they receive clearance from their physicians to engage in the popular exercise program. A proper diagnoses should be obtained for those who suffer from back pain, because not every type of pain is considered the same. Pilates could hurt more than it could help if there is an underlying medical cause for the pain.


What Are The Benefits of Pilates?

  • Anyone from grandmothers to business executives and pregnant women can engage in Pilates. There are various classes available that will cater to the needs of everyone.
  • Muscular strength will greatly improve
  • Pilates takes a holistic approach that helps the body as a whole.
  • Improved flexibility and suppleness will be seen.
  • Improved posture will be possible
  • It can help to burn calories, and achieve weight loss.
  • It increases energy levels.
  • Stress is reduced, and people will obtain better coping skills.
  • The principles of the exercise are easy to learn for anyone.

Pilates classes are much better than strenuous exercises such as jogging or lifting weights, because it puts less strain on people’s joints. According to Joseph Pilates, the man who invented the exercise, he never took an aspirin a day in his life, and he was never injured either. He felt that everyone should be engaging in his workout, to get the same great benefits that he himself experienced. The benefits of Pilates are phenomenal.

The Best New Exercises for Women in Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Women all over the world have “knocked out” the notion that kickboxing is just a Man’s sport.  Kickboxing is highly beneficial to women. Kickboxing will give women a complete cardiovascular workout that will give them resistance training simultaneously. It is a total body workout. Women will be able to gain strength, increase their flexibility, improve their coordination, and burn calories to reduce fat using a variety of kicking, punching, and quick movements. The following are some of the best kickboxing moves that women practice in cardio kickboxing classes at HIP Studio. cardio kickboxing classesJabs Performing jabs is similar to performing punches. This move involves holding the body in a defensive stance. You will then need to jab forward using your fist, while turning your arm so that your knuckles can rotate to hit your specific target. Whether you are hitting a person, punching into air, or using a punching bag, you will need to keep your fist aligned straight with your shoulder, and your elbows will need to be very close to your body. This stance will add much more force to your punch. This move is extremely beneficial, because it gets your blood pumping, and it will increase your heart rate. Your upper body strength will be improved, and your coordination will get much better over time.

Kicks There are a couple of kinds of kicks that are most often used in kickboxing. When you are doing a side kick, your body should be in a defensive position, and your intended target should always be on your right side. You will need to raise your right knee towards your left shoulder before kicking towards your target. If you are kicking a person or an object, then you will need to ensure that you make contact with either your heel, or the outer edge of your foot. The procedure is the same for both legs. A front kick requires you to be in a defensive position as well. Your knee will need to be lifted so that it is vertical to your hip. You will then need to straighten your knee before kicking forward.

Uppercut Punch To perform an uppercut punch, you must stand in a defensive manner. Your fist will need to be lowered, and you should swing it up almost as if you were punching someone under the chin. As your arm comes forward, your hips should pivot slightly, so that you have added force.

Benefits of Kickboxing for Women All of the above moves provide multiple benefits to women. They can be done alone, or they can be combined to get an ultimate kickboxing workout. Kickboxing will allow women to burn tons of calories. On average, 500 calories can be burned per hour, and that number can rise all the way to 800 per hour, depending on how intense the workout is. The butt, shoulders, arms, thighs, and abs will be targeted with kickboxing, so women can get a great all around workout in one session. A kickboxing class is also beneficial as far as self-defense is concerned. Women will be able to learn how to protect themselves against harm. That in itself is a phenomenal benefit.

Improve Your Posture with Pilates Classes - Just 2x per Week

Tired of slouching at your desk? Pilates classes, two times per week, can help improve your posture! pilates classes

Pilates exercises are designed to allow the body to move efficiently, and they can greatly improve a person’s posture if they engage in a routine workout regimen at least 2x per week. The reason that Pilates is so beneficial to people that have poor posture is because it is designed to target and develop the use of core strength. When the core muscles of the back, abdominals, and pelvic floor are used, our posture is better supported to where it will allow the neck, head, and shoulders to relax and have a better range of motion. Pilates can and will relieve stress on the feet, legs, and hips as well. Good posture eliminates general backaches that do not have an underlying cause, and it makes a person look as well as feel strong and healthy.

Pilates Exercises to Improve Posture There are many great Pilates exercises that will improve posture, but the most noteworthy ones are pelvic curls, roll ups, Pilates plank pose exercises, and finding neutral spine exercises. In addition to supporting good posture, these exercises can in turn help people who are suffering from respiratory diseases. When a person has good posture they are able to stand up straight, which will allow them to breathe more fully and deeply. Good breathing is an essential part of having good posture, so the two go hand in hand. Pilates can make a person feel better as a whole, to where they will feel much less stress and pain. Good posture may not seem like a great benefit that is derived from engaging in the exercise, but it is vitally important.

Good Posture Benefits from Pilates

  • Pain relief will be experienced throughout the body, from the hips, feet, and legs, to the neck and back.
  • Good posture enables people to move freely and efficiently, so that they are able to improve their overall quality of life.
  • Muscle function will be greatly improved, and people will have much more energy.
  • Range of motion will significantly increase.
  • People will appear to have a slim appearance if they are able to stand up straight.
  • Compressed organs will no longer have any pressure.
  • Circulation will be improved.
  • People will feel much more confident and positive about their life if their posture is good.

Meeting Your Goals with a Good Pilates Program HIP Studio, a Pilates and Fitness studio in Hermosa Beach offers quality Pilates classes. We encourage you to discuss your goals and experience with our instructor before your first class. We offer a variety of classes, each of them providing distinct and complimentary benefits, so it may be best to combine these programs for the utmost benefit to your posture and health.

Great Things About Greek Yogurt - Clean Eating, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

People are hooked on plain, non-fat Greek Yogurt - clean eating made easy! Some people might even go as far to say they are addicts, but what’s so great about the Greek stuff? All yogurts are excellent sources of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. Greek yogurt has a thicker, creamier texture because the liquid whey is strained out. It contains probiotic cultures and it’s lower in lactose, fewer carbs but has twice the protein of regular yogurts, making it the ideal recovery snack.

clean eating

Greek yogurt is not just a snack, it’s so versatile and can be used to make recipes healthier, making clean eating super simple. Swap out eggs and oil in baked goods for Greek yogurt. You can also use it instead of full-fat sour cream, heavy cream, mayonnaise, or cream cheese in recipes. Think about using it to replace high-calorie ingredients in dips, sauces, salad dressings, smoothies, and desserts.

It’s also a great way to start your morning. Mix in a little nuts, fruit or muesli for a balance of carbs and protein. Remember to always get plain yogurt so you don’t have the added sugar.

HIP Studio - No TV Tuesdays, Written by Kayte Corrigan

Spring begins to fade into summer and although the weather might be a little warmer, I still feel myself giving into the grind. At my house we are trying to take advantage of the extra daylight and challenge ourselves to a HIP Studio NO TV TUESDAYS. It seems like almost every night of the week I can be found on the couch getting hooked on another show or searching for another movie. While the weekends tend to be more active, the weekly routine gives way to a post supper couch session. My better half and I have settled on changing our habits in the beginning of the week for more variety in our lives. We put together a list of activities to be enjoyed in recreation, none of which involve the boob-tube.

  • Leisurely Bike Ride
  • Take a walk to get staple grocery items
  • A game of scrabble
  • Reading session
  • Trying out new music
  • Watching the sunset
  • Mid-week power cleaning
  • Quality time with the dog, fetch!
  • Exploring new recipes
  • Painting/crafts or household projects (go back through your Pinterest Boards)
  • baking for a friend or neighbor

Sometimes its just a half hour sitcom to unwind, but that can be replaced with a chapter of a good book. Even during busy weeks when you flick the TV on just for noise, take the time to change your tune and select music instead. Use this HIP Studio No TV Tuesdays to change your habits.

HIP Pilates Principles - #2 Breath

HIP Pilates Written by: Kayte Corrigan

HIP Pilates principles #2 - The only wrong breath is no breath. If you wanted to get specific, each Pilates exercise has it’s own breath pattern to ensure enough oxygen is flowing to your working muscles. Typically trainers cue an inhale through the nose with an exhale through pursed lips, like blowing through a straw. This breath pattern helps engage the deep abdominal muscles, the transverses, to stabilize the torso.

Practicing proper breath can relieve unnecessary tension to promote relaxation and focus during each movement. Most exercises will exhale on the exertion. Some focus more on spinal placement, inhaling during extension and exhaling in flexion.
It’s important to imagine the lungs filling up into your sides, often described as and east/west breath. This deep breathing promotes a greater exchange of gasses into the lower lobes of the lungs.
Outside of class you can use Pilates breath patterns to relax. In stressful situations, the east/west breath can help slow down a rapid, nervous heart rate.    When lifting or reaching in your every day life you can use this breath to help engage your core.
Breath equals life. Keep breathing, keep moving.

Get The Most Out Of Your Jog - HIP Studio

Written by: Kayte Corrigan
Sometimes a jog can clear your mind and set you on the right path for the rest of the day. Whether you are an ex cross country athlete or take to the pavement for additional cardio, you don’t want an injury from a jog to lay you out from your regular activities. HIP Studio experts want you to get the most our of your jog.
HIP Studio
Form: As with workout, form is king, jogging is no exception. Keep your hands tension free, that goes for your shoulders too. Keeping the shoulders open, lengthening and engaging the core will allow for more efficient blood flow to your body.
Impact: Run lightly. If you hear your feet slamming into the ground you may be damaging your joints. Lighten up by trying to land in the middle of your foot, rather than your toe or heel to create the perfect sized stride for you.
Breath: Breathe deeply, short shallow breaths restricts the amount of oxygen your body can take in. Inhibiting your oxygen intake can let fatigue set in quicker, shortening your exercise time and the enjoyment of the run. Deep rhythmic breaths will serve you best.
Apparel: Always run in proper footwear to prevent injury. Check your shoes periodically to make sure they aren’t worn out. If you run at night or early morning wear reflective clothing so vehicles can see you.

HIP Pilates Principle - #1 Awareness

Written by: Kayte Corrigan It’s important to understand the 10 HIP Pilates principles rooted in the teachings of Joseph Pilates as you practice. We’ve put them on our blue wall to encourage and remind you during every exercise.

The #1 Principal on the list is AWARENESS.
HIP Pilates
Awareness refers to stabilizing the pelvis, therefore, all moments are initiated from a place of stability. Awareness connects the mind to the body for the safest and most effective movement. Being aware of your pelvis in a neutral position, sitting, standing or laying down can have you experiencing improvement during every session.
Keen awareness to the pelvic placement in relation to the whole body not only benefits your Pilates practice, but also safely strengthens the core. Knowing when to use a neutral pelvis versus imprint trains your abdominals to correctly support your spine for optimal movement and longevity.
Awareness doesn’t leave the body as you step outside of class. As you become clued in to your body placement inside your Pilates practice you’ll take this consciousness to everyday activities. Think about relaxing your shoulders sitting in front of your computer, engaging your abdominals while cooking, or having neutral pelvis watching TV. You poor postural habits can begin to disappear with your body awareness.