Veggie Bowls: A quick weekday meal, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

This recipe is adapted from Jayne Justice’s 7-Day HIP Detox recipe book. It’s a great way to fit in greens and veggies while bringing a little warmth to your meal. I’ve made it into my own supper cocktail of nutrition by adding a lean protein.

One part protein + one part leafy greens + one part quinoa + one part veggie medley = a healthy meal quick and easy after a long hard day.  

  • Pick your protein. I love to grill fish, or chicken with fresh lemon, herbs and spices. You can season spicy or savory depending on your pallet.
  • Cook the quinoa. A half cup of uncooked quinoa is plenty for two people. Throw in a dash of sea salt to slightly flavor.
  • Chop your greens. My personal favorite is a kale and spinach handful or two chopped very fine in a food processor. I use a Ninja, making the greens a dense pile instead of whole leaves. A little trick to eat more.
  • Add your veggies. Depending on your mood and the seasoning of your protein pick two or three fresh vegetables and chop. Occasionally I like to sear mushrooms or onions with the protein, but I usually leave everything raw.
  • Layer your bowel. Quinoa, greens, veggies, protein. Sometimes I’ll add a dollop of hummus as a topper depending on the seasoning of my protein.

As soon as I get my bowl I like to mix it all together, which probably takes away from the meticulous layering, but it tastes so good! This is a 20-minute meal packed with nutrients with a versatility to mix and match for your taste.