I’m a basil murderer.

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

I may or may not be on my 3rd basil plant. I have a slight mental block on the issue. Truth be told they don’t last forever, but I regretfully have prematurely ended the lives of 2 defenseless basils.

Fresh basil, the fantastic-on-just-about-everything herb, always goes bad before I have a chance to use it all. So when I found a plant at the store for 3 dollars it was a no-brainer. Fresh lemon pesto on everything! In the beginning, it was flourishing, in the end it was sad. I do think I got my money’s worth, but I needed to buy a new one. Which I killed very quickly, and I couldn’t explain it.

3rd time is a charm. I learned a few tips and my thumb is slightly greener because of it.

  • Basil needs drainage. If your plant resides in a pot, the pot needs to have drainage holes in the bottom. This was how I killed plant #2 so quickly.
  • Basil loves to sunbathe. So find a sunny window or place outside for 6 hours of sunlight. But you must water every day.
  • Basil weeps when it is neglected. If you haven’t watered it in a couple days basil will let you know. It’s leaves will be sad and deflated. TLC immediately. Plenty of water to soak all the dry spots. Try to water it every day to prevent the basil sadness.
  • Basil protects the young, and it’s the key to a big basil family. When you harvest, take from the top, always. Your plant will grow out fuller and bushier. Feel free to harvest a lot, you will only need to leave the youngest leaves 2 from the soil. Always pick off the flowers. I did not know this and it resulted in the slow death of plant #1.

I hope you have better basil bedside manner than me. Here’s to basil plant #3!

-Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer