There’s an App for that.

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Sometimes we forget that the key to a chiseled physique comes down to science and math. What you put in your mouth can be calculated and figured with your exercise… and there’s an app for that. With so much available to our thumbs it’s a logical next step to integrate fitness and nutrition onto our devices. If you’ve ever had trouble keeping a food log, or if you aren’t quite sure if you should have a second banana, even if you are having trouble seeing improvements in your workouts, take the time to visit and brows the applications.

Their first app, myfitnesspal, helps you log your food and your workouts so you can see what you are burning and what you are storing over time. It’s hard to tell where we go wrong if we can’t track our progress. The log takes the guess work out of it. If it’s weight loss you want, you can clearly see where in our diet you can cut calories.

The other apps can help you train for a marathon, distance bike ride, swim, sports, there are even apps to calculate your resting heart rate and sleep patterns for recovery. It’s worth a look to see what can go to work for you. You need a support system for success, why not get your technology on board too?