Fitspiration – College Football

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

These young men are as dedicated as it comes. Every season we pack ourselves in front of the TV and in stadiums to enjoy a classic American game while rooting for our alma mater. In addition to running plays and getting on top of their mental game, these guys are practicing agility and strength training daily, not to mention a full load of collage courses. Olympic lifts, plyometrics, speed ladder, core strength, hip flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and drills tailored for every position on the field to achieve peak athletic form.

Morning workouts, afternoon practice, 20 hours a week of training plus game day. That is a lot of dedication from athletes who will go on to be professionals in fields other than athletics. Only about 4% of college football players go pro in the NFL. They’re up for the 6am training session because of the love of the game and the pride of representing their school, giving up much of their social lives and college experience to play on the field. Channel a little bit of that dedication into your next workout, and think these young gents fondly on Saturdays this season.