December Difficulties

Written by: Kayte Corrigan When aiming to fit into dance team jeans, one must fit fitness in. Lately, I’ve been having trouble. Some days I’m so busy, I look at my calendar and just hope I’m still standing by twilight. Then the time of year hits me, cold season looms as the cooler air irritates my throat and my morning tea becomes that much more important. I feel the holiday atmosphere beckoning me to play hooky and make bad decisions. I’m carrying the diet devil and angel on each shoulder. And although I hate to admit it, the score is pretty even.

December is a hard month for a fitness goal, that’s for sure. I’m visualizing my results as my 29th birthday looms, a dangling carrot on the 17th. Well, not a carrot… I’d prefer a double chocolate triple layer cake or 24 inch heart-shaped box of truffles from the finest chocolatier. Obviously, my head is in the gutter.

I’ve already seen great results, but my goal is just out of reach. I only have two weeks left and that last little stubborn flub doesn’t want to leave its preferred spot around my middle. Sticking to a healthy diet and HIP exercise regimen gets harder as we get deeper into December, but I can’t give up now. To stay determined I’m reflecting back on original motives: I want to turn 29 healthy, happy and comfortable in my pants. I know the body I’m meant for is healthy, not the one I lived in during September riddled with fatigue. This inner peace will be worth every cocktail I turn down and every cookie I decline. How are you staying on track this month?

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Indulging in the season yet staying the course,

Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer