Okie-dokie Artichoke-y, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

I did not grow up in California so, up until just a few years ago the only artichoke I’d ever had was in a dip with spinach and had only seen their hearts floating in jars. I remember the first time I saw the whole flowering thing, roasted, sitting like a miniature hen. Truth be told, I had to be coached how to eat it, taking one leaf off at a time and scraping the soft “meat” with my teeth. Mmmmm.

It wasn’t until just recently did I attempt to roast a whole one myself. 1 hour fifteen minutes, olive oil, fresh garlic and lemon juice later, I had two delicious little hens for my sweetie and I to enjoy with dinner. We didn’t even need the usual fatty aioli dressing. Neither of us had gotten to the center of an artichoke in a long time, so it was a bit of guess and check fork choreography. Just don’t eat the hairy part.

That’s my artichoke tale, roasting a whole one takes time but it’s super easy. They are good for you too.

Here are the specs: Low calories (about 60), low fat, high in antioxidants (the highest of vegetables), improves gallbladder function, high in fiber (a medium artichoke has more fiber than a cup of prunes!), great for regulating your cholesterol levels, great for your liver (and some say hangover cure). Artichoke extract in supplements are even used to aid indigestion, but you should always ask your doctor before taking any new supplement.