Manhattan Beach Pilates Studio, Featuring High Intensity Pilates

Manhattan Beach Pilates Studio Classes That Incorporate Cardio Did you know that Pilates was used in World War 1 to rehabilitate bedridden or immobile patients?  Although it has gained popularity in the last decade, it has been around for years.  It now boasts that it improves mental and physical wellbeing, while increasing your flexibility, and strengthens your muscles, using controlled movements.  In Manhattan Beach, Pilates studios can be found easily, but the high intensity class at HIP Studio offers A 50-minute calorie burning, sweat inducing, body sculpting, full fitness experience on our custom designed HIPformer™. This class is designed to reshape your body by ramping up the intensity so you're burning calories all day long. By integrating the restorative elements of traditional Pilates, weight training and intense intervals of cardiovascular activity, transformation is inevitable. This class is choreographed with a succession of exercises fueled by music, resulting in a flexible, balanced, lean, toned, powerful, sexy body!

The great thing about a Pilates class is that everyone can go to a class.  Men and women of all ages, professional athletes and even women expecting! Everyone benefits from attending class regularly.  In Southern California, and particularly in Manhattan Beach, Pilates classes are popping up on every corner.  This is great, except that the trainers may lack the proper experience and knowledge.  You want to look for a studio that has instructors that are pilates certified.  Instructors that attend, and complete this type of training, have gone through hundreds of hours to learn, and become competent in the ways to modify exercises for the safety of the students, especially new students.

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The instructor, who should know that you are new to Pilates, will start you will basic exercises and positions and build you up to include more advanced exercises and positioning.  HIP Studio has instructors that have these qualifications and can help you reach your personal goals, Manhattan Beach.  Pilates classes can help you to get on your way to improving your overall body synergy.  Most people continue to keep Pilates in their workout regimen because it is diverse.  To get the most out of your workouts, remember the tips below:

Do not worry about others around you.  Pilates is a mental exercise as much as it is a physical exercise and to be the most productive, you need to stay focused on YOU.  Your body movements should flow with your breathing, which will unite your mind and body, alleviating anxiety and stress.

Your movements should flow like a technical dancer.  Complete exercises with precise, strong and flexible grace, instead of short, quick and jerky movements.  And be as comfortable as you can.  Form fitting clothes, like yoga pants and a tight shirt or a tank top and bare feet are the norm for Pilates classes.

Do not forget to talk with your physician before embarking on any workout program!