Veggie Bowls: A quick weekday meal, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

This recipe is adapted from Jayne Justice’s 7-Day HIP Detox recipe book. It’s a great way to fit in greens and veggies while bringing a little warmth to your meal. I’ve made it into my own supper cocktail of nutrition by adding a lean protein.

One part protein + one part leafy greens + one part quinoa + one part veggie medley = a healthy meal quick and easy after a long hard day.  

  • Pick your protein. I love to grill fish, or chicken with fresh lemon, herbs and spices. You can season spicy or savory depending on your pallet.
  • Cook the quinoa. A half cup of uncooked quinoa is plenty for two people. Throw in a dash of sea salt to slightly flavor.
  • Chop your greens. My personal favorite is a kale and spinach handful or two chopped very fine in a food processor. I use a Ninja, making the greens a dense pile instead of whole leaves. A little trick to eat more.
  • Add your veggies. Depending on your mood and the seasoning of your protein pick two or three fresh vegetables and chop. Occasionally I like to sear mushrooms or onions with the protein, but I usually leave everything raw.
  • Layer your bowel. Quinoa, greens, veggies, protein. Sometimes I’ll add a dollop of hummus as a topper depending on the seasoning of my protein.

As soon as I get my bowl I like to mix it all together, which probably takes away from the meticulous layering, but it tastes so good! This is a 20-minute meal packed with nutrients with a versatility to mix and match for your taste.

Back to Reality: Post Detox, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Before this cleanse I experienced several signs that I should detox. I struggled with acne. There was weight I couldn’t lose. I was getting stronger, but I just wasn’t seeing results. Frequent fatigue was something I’ve been troubled with for over a year. When producing, after finishing a show I’d need a week or 2 in bed. I wouldn’t feel 100% until a month later. I constantly felt scattered and ill prepared no matter how hard I tried get on top of things. I was overwhelmed and stressed.

While invasive to your life for one week, following the strict guidelines the HIP 7-Day Detox is very much worth it. At least it was for me. My 2nd colonic with Georgette showed my results, even she was impressed. I was clean and green with good bacteria levels and healthy movement. She admitted to doubting my potential due to the state of my first colonic. I loved seeing my efforts validated in addition to many other results.

·      I lost weight. I lost about 8lbs. Some of this is probably water weight, but it’s a jumpstart. I have less than 5 weeks until my Dance Team Jeans.  

·      I’m more toned. Unseasonably warm weather had me in a tank top when someone pointed out the definition in my arms and back. Toxins stored in fat cells result in cellulite, which cloud hard earned muscles from being visible.

·      My tastes and appetite have shifted. When we eat poorly, although eating enough to be full, its still malnourishment. Because I’ve spent a week getting the right nourishment for my body, my appetite has decreased significantly. I tried a cracker and it tasted like cardboard. I don’t desire processed foods at all and I’m effectively using the fuel I consume from food.  

·      I’m sharper and more mindful. In fact, my apartment has never been cleaner. Georgette explained that clouded judgment and feeling scatterbrained is the result of too much candida. With the purge of that, it’s no wonder I’m feeling smarter.

·      I have purposeful energy that does not dip. I don’t need to reach for caffeine or think about a nap. My body truly uses the energy from the good food I put in.

·      My skin is clearer. My aesthetician was astonished, the texture, tone and color has improved as well as a decrease in blemishes.

Things I’ve changed: way more greens, less refined sugars, more whole foods, less processed foods, way more water with a lemon, quinoa all the time. Georgette recommended I introduce meat back into my diet on beds of leafy greens and in soups.

I would highly recommend this detox. I’m so happy I did it! It has changed the way I look at food and nourishment. This will certainly keep me on track to reach my goal in December. I detoxed at the perfect time too. If I had tried to cleanse as I was ramping up my workouts I would have overwhelmed my body. I was healthy and strong enough to put my body through this cleanse to see optimal results.

For more information about the HIP 7-Day Detox contact Jayne Justice (Nutrition & Heath Coach) at

For more information on Colon Hydrotherapy and Digestive Health contact Georgette Grabenhorst, CT at 

Thank you to both of them for creating a support system that yields results! It’s great to have professionals like these two ladies in your corner. 

I feel fabulous!

Kayte Walsh


HIP Studio

HIP 7 Day Detox, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

With the holidays right around the corner, these next few weeks are a prefect time to clean up our diets and push ourselves to the next level in class. As much as we don’t want to believe it, 80% of results comes from what we eat. Just because you killed yourself in a HIP class doesn’t give you a free pass to eat whatever you want. If you’re looking for a kickstart to clean eating our 7 day detox will help you curb unhealthy cravings, boost your metabolism, help you loss weight and promote energy. Most importantly it will give you the tools to help you eat healthy throughout the holiday season. Since launching the detox we’ve had over 50 clients & trainers complete the 7 days with amazing results. A lot of you have been asking about it so if you interested, follow Kayte this week as she bravely recounts her 7 days. 

-Christine Crivello, Owner HIP Studio

Prep Day:

While living in Southern California, I’ve done my fair share of cleanses. I guess in Michigan, where I’m originally from, they don’t detox. Since I moved to the golden state 6 years ago I’ve experienced a few fiber cleanses, a raw food cleanse, and a weird one involving salad dressing and a salt water flush (I was naïve). The HIP 7-Day Detox Program is pretty serious, but nothing I can’t handle.

I met with Jayne, HIP’s Nutrition Coach and Detox Diva, a couple days ago, so I’ve had some time to digest (no pun intended) what I’m getting into. I needed a prep day to gather all my ingredients and clear my head. I got the items on the list from my local farmer’s market and the health food store for stuff I didn’t have in the house.

Filling out my health history with Jayne was revealing. It’s almost like getting your horoscope read. I was able to draw parallels between how I feel, act, and eat the way I do. I learned about the comfort of a turkey sandwich and my need to be prepared. I took to journaling on my prep day and set out my expectations for the detox and took a closer look at my turkey sandwich issue. If it’s not obvious, my discovery comes through writing. For others it’s reading, or talking to a trusted friend or family member. That moral support comes from many areas, and don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t need it.

My boyfriend, whom I live with, is a health conscious individual himself, and a little jealous I was detoxing… until he read about it. He’s resolved to eating raw for the week, in support of me and to challenge himself. It makes the experience a lot easier when the people you live with are on board. You really have to stick with this cleanse and dedicated a week to your body, no slip-ups, cheating or excuses. But it’s only one week, and not by any means a fast. I’m looking forward to coming out the other end (okay, pun intended that time) with a hard reset, better eating habits and tons of energy.

-Kayte Walsh

Writer, Trainer

HIP Studio