Back to Basics HIP Pilates

HIP PilatesWritten by: Kayte Corrigan

Our High Intensity Pilates at HIP Studio is a Pilates reformer class spiced with an athletic approach. But some days your body wants to get back to basics. Or maybe you’re just starting out and the reformer harbors an intimidation factor you didn’t anticipate. We’ve added a HIP Back To Basics class on Saturdays to for you to reconnect or get aquatinted with your HIP Pilates practice.

No matter your level of fitness, practicing Pilates increases body awareness, flexibility, while creating lean muscles in conjunction with improving posture and core strength. This may relieve joint pain and stress in the neck and back. Strengthening the deep postural muscles can also help prevent injury as well as bouncing back from one.

The basis of Pilates focuses on stabilizing the muscles supporting the spine and pelvis for optimal alignment and better quality of movement. Creating a mind/body connection to core stabilizing muscles transcends to other activities outside of the practice for prime execution. It doesn’t matter if your target activity is balancing a baby on your hip or training for a marathon, Pilates takes it to a whole new level!

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Exercise Explorer: Cardio Kickboxing Classes

cardio kickboxing classesCardio Kickboxing classes at HIP Studio incorporate high intensity interval training while producing head to toe results. Every punch, kick, elbow, knee, duck, dodge and block originates from a tight stable core. Your abs work at all times so you don’t have to do a million crunches.

Each kick isn’t just about gaining powerful defined legs, but also improving balance, agility and joint health. And the punch isn’t just about your bicep, the power comes from a strong back and shoulder stabilizers. Not only will this strength keep your shoulders in working order, but muscles define your arms.

Kickboxing classes at HIP Hermosa Beach add a cardio element to promote a healthy heart and improve metabolic rate to burn mega calories. In addition to getting aggression out you’ll also be improving your coordination and heart function. Cardio Kickboxing has all the benefits of a total body workout, and you’ll learn a thing or two about self-defense.