Trampoline Workouts are HIP

trampoline workouts

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

As a kid, rebounding is so much fun, from jumping on the bed to mastering a pogo stick. However, this quality of movement has greater benefits then nostalgia from your youth. Trampoline workouts improve balance, bone density, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and organ function. A study by NASA Scientists has shown that rebounding for 10 minutes is better workout than 33 minutes of running.

The fitness trampoline makes a normally high impact exercise, low impact by absorbing 80% of the shock. The period of acceleration and deceleration is increased. This is much easier on the joints compared to running or jogging on a hard surface with no give at all. It also allows bones to become stronger as they respond to the pressure of the rebound over time.

Rebounding can actually help you get rid of toxins in the body. Bouncing on a trampoline stimulates your lymphatic system that helps rid toxins and waste. The change in gravitational force increases blood flow more than exercises on flat land, thus increasing the amount of toxins flushed from the body by around 15%!

With your core stabilizing your balance, you’re toning and getting cardio in one! HIP Studio incorporates the fitness trampoline in Bag of Tricks and 30/30 Burn Classes.

Exercise Explorer: Cardio Kickboxing Classes

cardio kickboxing classesCardio Kickboxing classes at HIP Studio incorporate high intensity interval training while producing head to toe results. Every punch, kick, elbow, knee, duck, dodge and block originates from a tight stable core. Your abs work at all times so you don’t have to do a million crunches.

Each kick isn’t just about gaining powerful defined legs, but also improving balance, agility and joint health. And the punch isn’t just about your bicep, the power comes from a strong back and shoulder stabilizers. Not only will this strength keep your shoulders in working order, but muscles define your arms.

Kickboxing classes at HIP Hermosa Beach add a cardio element to promote a healthy heart and improve metabolic rate to burn mega calories. In addition to getting aggression out you’ll also be improving your coordination and heart function. Cardio Kickboxing has all the benefits of a total body workout, and you’ll learn a thing or two about self-defense.