Get The Body Of A Dancer With A Barre Workout

The new fitness craze that you may have heard about at a gym or fitness studio near you is the barre workout. Although pilates and yoga still remain very popular, this workout is a new and different way to get slim arms, legs and a flat tummy.  In this type of workout, you use a ballet bar to perform different moves that strengthen your body and burn fat.  It uses variations of isometrics, interval training and dance conditioning to help you achieve a sculpted body.  Before the barre, most people relied on free weights such as dumbbells and balls to strength train.  While they are great at building muscle mass, a barre will actually help your muscles become more reformed and elongated.  It can help increase posture, elevate your behind and give you those flat abs that nearly everyone strives for.  Have you ever seen how tall and slim ballet dancers are?  They do those bar exercises everyday.  It’s the best kept secret to getting a new trim and sculpted body just like a professional dancer. There are a few different barre workout systems that are used in gyms and dance or fitness studios.  These workouts use the traditional ballet exercise moves combined with different routines to add in additional strength training and cardio exercises.

barre workout

There is cardio barre which combines low impact exercises with some cardio workouts. Some light weights are used in this particular type of workout.  Not only will you burn fat, but you will be sculpting your muscles and elongating them as well.

Another type of barre workout is called the Barre3.  It combines yoga, ballet and pilates.  It’s designed to lift and shape your body by reinforcing good posture and alignment.

Xtend Barre is another type of workout that envelops pilates, dance and strength training. It’s a full body workout using the ballet bar.  It is designed for all fitness levels and can be modified for the beginner. Classes are typically an hour long and focuses on the body from head to toe giving each body part an equal workout to help strengthen and tone. Again, this type of class helps you to elongate your muscles so you walk with better posture and alignment.  People may even ask if you have grown taller!

No matter what type of barre workout you choose to do, you will be amazed at how it can help transform your body and make it stronger and healthier.  Not only will you be transforming your body, you’ll be having fun doing it.  And if something is fun, you are more likely to stick with it. The barre exercises are never boring and it is a nice alternative to pilates and yoga.

Pilates and yoga are great, but when you want to change things up a bit, trade in your pilates mat for a ballet bar and learn this new fitness sensation that is sweeping the country.  Grab some friends and try this new way of conditioning your body from head to toe.  It is sure to be a workout you will want to continue for life.