80/20 - HIP Studio 90 Day Challenge, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

So you’ve finished the HIP studio 90 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Congratulations for taking the plunge for a cleaner healthier you. After eating clean many of our HIPsters have found they are less bloated, less irritable, less fatigued with less headaches, less digestive issues. They are sleeping better, have more energy and noticing tone in their arms legs and midsections.
Feeling this good makes you want to eat clean for life, but once the challenge is gone and there are no more points to be rewarded how to you keep motivated? For one, a lot of the processed stuff you used to eat won’t taste good anymore. Rich food will be richer and sweets will be too sweet.
HIP StudioMaking clean eating a lifestyle isn’t as hard as you think, especially if you listen to your body and avoid what makes you feel gross. Think about clean eating 80% of the time and leave 20% up for those nights when you crave a burger and a beer or you indulge in a slice of cake for a co-workers birthday.
Creating consistency is what promotes change. Don’t undo all the good that you did on the challenge. Just because you can have dessert without deducing points doesn’t mean you should eat a whole cake. Balance in your diet, balance in your life. In meals or calories, 80/20 breaks down like this.
  • 3 square meals per day: 21 meals per week. 80/20 = 17 Neat & 3 Treat meals over the week.
  • 5 small meals per day: 35 small meals per week. 80/20 = 28 Neat & 7 Treat over the week.
  • 2000 calories average per day (daily view): 2000 calories. 80/20 = 1600 Neat & 400 Treat calories per day.
  • 2000 calories average per day (week view): 14,000 calories per week. 80/20 = 11,200 Neat & 2,800 Treat calories per week.

Some weeks you might find you’re 90/10 others 70/30, and that's okay! Thank you for completing the HIP Studio 90 Day Challenge with us!

Powered by Music

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

The musical accompaniment to your workout is more important than you think. Think about how music can influence your mood. A sad song can bring you to tears while an upbeat mix can send you dancing around the room. Research has confirmed that listening to music can increase your endurance by 15%. The beat keeps you going after you want to quit. A loud bass line keeps time for you. A great chorus diverts your attention from the burn to get in a few extra reps.

When choosing a playlist for your own workouts, a jog, or a bike ride, even beach tunes for volleyball, adhere to a couple of rules to make the most out of each track. 120 – 140 beats per minute is the zone your soundtrack should be in for maximum results. Varying the tempo will keep your workout fresh and less predictable. The proper tunes can have you moving faster in cardio exercises and fitting more reps in during strength training.

Additionally, the right music for a warm up and a cool down can prepare you mentally for the most intense part of your workout and help bring you down properly too. At HIP Studio each trainer has their own style, still staying within the 120 - 140 range to keep you moving and reaching your full potential. Pump up the volume in your own workouts and you can match the intensity you feel in class.

A Clean Shopping Story, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

My boyfriend and I are one the wagon with this HIP 90 Challenge. For this story I will call him Mister Red (just in case I reveal his midnight snacking habit…oops). The month of January we worked on our before pictures indulging in all the junk filling our cabinets. The Sopranos inspired a vat of baked ziti. Bad day blues were given cookie therapy. Every refined grain, sugar, and manufactured concoction was consumed during this fat month, topping it off with an extra slice of cheesecake while we waited out the Super Bowl Blackout. It was gluttonous.

Day 1 of the challenge, shopping list in hand, we headed to the store. All honesty, I don’t like grocery shopping, but when I do go, I like to take my time. Especially if I’m meticulously reading nutrition information. This is far too slow for Mister Red, who I believe has yet to fully grasp the concept of eating clean. After turning over a few favorite items and realizing they were not acceptable for our cart, he got restless and found me browsing the pancake mix selection.

imageI really love fluffy multigrain pancakes. The kind you top with fruit and sticks for a good few hours. Upon Mister Red’s impatient discouragement, I aborted my clean eating breakfast treat solution. The silver lining came when we found organic bread loaded with whole grains and seeds to satisfy our carb needs, and no funny business.

After checking out with our whole foods, produce and new favorite bread we returned home to a letter from Coach’s Oats. We had purchased a bag of their multigrain pancake mix about a month or so ago from Costco to serve my morning weakness. In fact, we had made a batch to round out our dirty eating habits just 2 days before. The letter was informing us of the recall on certain expiration dates due to metal bits found in the oats. METAL BITS! Our bag was one of the ones recalled and we took the remainder of our product back to Costco for a full refund. We used the money to buy strawberries and spinach.

Needless to say, we are really happy to be on the clean eating quest, without metal bits. And I think Mister Red gets it now.

Any clean eating revelations for you?

Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer/Editor

HIP 90 Day Challenge, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Next week kick’s off our HIP 90 Day Challenge: Fitness and Nutrition. Why? We want you to see results. Sometimes all you need is incentive. We’re dangling the carrot: success, results and prizes. Yes, prizes. 1st place will be awarded 3 months of free HIP membership, 2nd place gets 2 months free and 3rd place receives 1 month.

The challenge starts on Monday, February 4th (after the Super Bowl). Amber and Christine will be around that week to take measurements, before pictures, body fat index and weight. If you’d prefer to take pictures at home make sure you send them to us, everything else will be calculated at the studio. 

The next 90 Days you earn points for workouts and eating clean. These points are calculated on the honor system. If you do cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. Transformation is inevitable. At the end of 90 days when we add up the points, we’ll know if you earned all of them.

On April 29th we will take after pictures, body fat index, re-measure, and re-weigh. Everyone will turn in their points, the client with the most points will win! Our trainers are dedicated to help you, and many of us will be participating the challenge too. We will be there to check in with you, commiserate and motivate.

Based on the number of participants we may raise the stakes higher by creating teams of Hipsters to compete for another prize. We need to know your interest to make the teams. Email us this week at info@highintensitypilates.com subject: 90 DAY CHALLENGE to enter to win!

Below is our point breakdown (workouts and nutrition are per day):

We will provide you with a list of No, No Foods  so you know what we consider “clean.” In addition we will provide recipes and snacks and clean eating tips on the blog weekly. There will be plenty of extra points to earn throughout the challenge, make sure to follow us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any opportunities! 

***This is a wine friendly challenge, as in a glass with dinner or at the end of the day. Not a 3-margarita happy hour, that wouldn’t get you any points.