HIP Slim Down/Tone Up Challenge: Results!

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Today is the day! Thanks to two and a half months of hard workouts, the HIP trainers and the HIP 7-Day Detox, I officially fit back into my dance team jeans. Happy Birthday to me!

I’m not just counting the buttons on my fly, I’ve got pounds and inches to add up too. I’ve lost 10lbs, 1 inch off my bust, 2 inches at my waist and 2 more around my hips. My limbs are slimmer too, with a half-inch gone on each thigh and a whopping 1½ inches on each arm! That’s 9 inches that disappeared. Someone take me somewhere tropical, I’m bikini ready!

This isn’t over because my day is up, it’s a lifestyle makeover I’m dedicated to maintaining. I had neglected my health by letting stress not only pack on the pounds but I also put my body on a problem path of migraines and fatigue. My change in mindset is a gift that goes beyond the weight loss. It’s the best birthday present I could give to myself.

I’m feeling so good, another year older doesn’t mean anything. I can’t wait to jump into 29 and rebound back up to 30 next year!

The before picture on the left was taken 9/22/12, shooting a short video. The after photo on the right was taken 12/16/12, wearing said dance team jeans of 2003 with each button buttoned! Hope to see you at HIP working for results too!

Kayte Walsh

Trainer, HIP Studio



Hello? Your Body’s Calling

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Only five days left! It’s hard to believe I needed the challenge in the first place. Exercising 6 days a week is no sweat now. We’ll I’m sweating a lot, but making it a priority has become easy. I’ve even had to remind myself to take the rest day. I get excited to pick my classes. Lately I’ve been really trying to listen to my body and the more I work out and eat right, the better I am figuring out what it’s trying to tell me. Like it has a thick accent and the more I’m around it the more clearly it comes through.

Some days it tells me it needs some hard cardio and a drenched sweat. Other days I need strength and stability training. There are days when a good groove session is all I need. At least once a week my body needs yoga, and I think my mind needs yoga too!

On occasion, my body will tell me to rest. Last week, I came home one day cranky, tired, heavy and hungry. My throat was scratchy and my head hurt. Determined not to get sick, I ate a green salad with turkey for protein and a couple cuties as well as pumped up on vitamins. Later, I crashed on the couch for several hours before heading up to bed. The crash and need for nourishment was my body’s way of telling me to slow down. The next day was off to a slow start, but I felt much better and gained more energy as the day went on. It’s amazing what rest and eating right can do!

Looking forward to revealing my results next week! Maybe it will inspire you to do your own Tone Up / Slim Down HIP Challenge in the new year?

Kayte Walsh

Trainer HIP Studio

December Difficulties

Written by: Kayte Corrigan When aiming to fit into dance team jeans, one must fit fitness in. Lately, I’ve been having trouble. Some days I’m so busy, I look at my calendar and just hope I’m still standing by twilight. Then the time of year hits me, cold season looms as the cooler air irritates my throat and my morning tea becomes that much more important. I feel the holiday atmosphere beckoning me to play hooky and make bad decisions. I’m carrying the diet devil and angel on each shoulder. And although I hate to admit it, the score is pretty even.

December is a hard month for a fitness goal, that’s for sure. I’m visualizing my results as my 29th birthday looms, a dangling carrot on the 17th. Well, not a carrot… I’d prefer a double chocolate triple layer cake or 24 inch heart-shaped box of truffles from the finest chocolatier. Obviously, my head is in the gutter.

I’ve already seen great results, but my goal is just out of reach. I only have two weeks left and that last little stubborn flub doesn’t want to leave its preferred spot around my middle. Sticking to a healthy diet and HIP exercise regimen gets harder as we get deeper into December, but I can’t give up now. To stay determined I’m reflecting back on original motives: I want to turn 29 healthy, happy and comfortable in my pants. I know the body I’m meant for is healthy, not the one I lived in during September riddled with fatigue. This inner peace will be worth every cocktail I turn down and every cookie I decline. How are you staying on track this month?

Comment on the post our leave a note on the HIP Facebook Page let’s keep each other motivated!

Indulging in the season yet staying the course,

Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer

One Leg At A Time

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Staying on track during the holiday season is always difficult. I’m the only one to holding me accountable and I don’t want to play hooky on myself. I’ve seen great results thus far, and that makes it easy to attend class 6 days a week. I’ve been feeling so good I even started taking a professional dance class at a studio near my house. I’m using my class of choice per week to get back into a long time love. I’m not 19 anymore, but it was amazing to prove that I still go it! It makes me wonder how else I can astound myself.

Coming off my detox I’ve been pretty much gluten free, except for my choice pardon of Grandma Lily’s pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. The real test is upon me as the invites to holiday parties start piling up. I’m staying positive, my goal is a great motivator so I don’t overindulge.

Only 3 weeks left until the dance team jeans challenge and I am happy to report that I’m already close to reaching my goal. I tried the declared pants on yesterday to realize I only have a little muffin top left to lose and I’ll be flashing back to 2003. Ten years later and still wearing the same jeans, that’s something I’ll be impressed by.

Don’t let the holidays get the best of you, I’ll see you in class!

-Kayte Walsh

Trainer HIP Studio

HIP Detox: Day 2, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Today’s salt-water flush lesson was proportions. I mixed all the salt in with a little bit of water then drank the rest of the water separate. Good in theory, but I had to wait over an hour before anything happened and it was not as effective as the first day. The tea was getting a little bitter so I added some ice and a lemon and that seemed to help the taste.

I felt very heavy lacked energy. I was pretty emotional too. I did a little mat Pilates and yoga, but my mind wandered. I wasn’t focused at all. I had aches, especially in my mid-back. I felt gross, with lots of ear wax, extra bats in the cave (nose), and for some reason, I swear, I smelled funny. I discussed this with Jayne. She explained that the body detoxes from the head down, which is why we experience headaches as one of the first symptoms. The ache in my back was a good thing, I was moving right along. The stench, that was the toxins leaving through sweat. Which makes sense, there are only a few marked exits in the body.

My will was tested by my cravings. Bowls of cereal, trail mix, tomato bisque, carrots and hummus danced like sugarplums in my daydreams. “Don’t you dare,” I thought, “It’s only day 2!” I made it through and filled up on celery and my trusty Tahini mixture. I passed this test, I can do tomorrow. 

Food: Orange, Green smoothie (kale) with protein x2, apple, hard boiled egg, celery with lemon tahini, Veggie Power Bowl with quinoa red onions, peppers, kale, spinach + tea elixir, water with lemon, detox tea.

Symptoms: Mood swings, fatigue, dull headache, excess ear wax, nose gunk, mid back aches, elevated body temperature, body odor.

Disclaimer: This experience is typical of the HIP Detox, yet everyone is different. This account is only a representation of the effects of the cleanse. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before attempting any sort of cleanse or drastic change in diet.

HIP Challenge: So... It's Working

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Operation: Dance Team Jeans has been going on for about a month now and I’m starting to feel trim and strong. Getting my biceps back and I’m actually enjoying holding planks instead of dreading them. In my mind I think, “bring it on!” I’m starting to impress myself with my progress and noticing I feel the burn a lot later than I used to. I’m experimenting with heavier weight and springs. I’m not going to drop dead after Bag of Tricks and I have more stamina through out the day. I used to need a 3-hour nap after I taught a 6am, but now I can make it to the evening! Now that I’m back in action, I even might test my strength in a dance class one of these days. I’m not So You Think You Can Dance material, but I could attempt a pirouette and still be standing.

While I haven’t seen a dramatic loss of weight, I’ve had a couple commenters making note of the pep in my step and the shape I’m taking. It takes time, and I’m putting in mine. I haven’t drastically changed my eating habits and that’s certainly part of it. Although, I don’t chow horribly I still eat out of a 3rd grader’s lunchbox: cheese and crackers, hummus and carrots, apple slices, turkey sandwich and a cookie, maybe a juice box, maybe. My biggest issue with food is timing and portions. I’ll wait until I’m in starvation mode then eat until it hurts.

While this first month was about getting the workouts set, the second is about food. I’m starting off November with the HIP Detox. Next week: Daily updates. I’m looking forward to a clear head and to reset my body from TV Producer to HIPster.

Your Guina Pig,


Mondays: Reset for Success

Written by: Kayte Corrigan I’ve completed my first week of the HIP Challenge and I learned a lot. I’ve learned that a good outfit makes all the difference, not all pants were created equal. I’ve learned that foam rolling in front of the TV in the evening is amazing after Bag of Tricks. But most importantly I’ve learned that if you only give yourself one day off per week, don’t make that day Monday. Things come up, life happens, you could get a flat tire, have to tend to family needs or even just be too burnt out. It’s okay. But get there on Mondays. It sets the tone for your week and gets you back on track if you made questionable decisions over the weekend. Monday is often the day we hit the reset button, so reset for success. Lesson learned for this HIPster. This week starts of the right way so I can end it on a high note.

-Your Guinea Pig, Kayte Walsh

Check out the workout plan here.

Slim Down/Tone Up HIP Challenge for the Dance Team Jeans

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in, but I can make it through Heidi’s Bag of Tricks, so it’s not the worst. Before I was a trainer at HIP, I was a reality TV producer. Before producing I was a camera operator, and before that I was a dancer, choreographer and fitness instructor.

Now that I’ve come back to my roots and teaching at HIP, I want to look as good as I feel. The long hours of TV Production afforded little time for a balanced lifestyle. My health has been on the industry rollercoaster the past 6 years and I’m ready to claim it back.

I am well aware of where the extra pounds came from. Stress lbs for sure. On a TV set, I worked 12, sometimes 16 hour days, eating catered food every 6 hours supplemented with whatever snack was assessable. There never seemed to be a shortage of Doritos, Diet Coke and chocolate, yet a banana could seldom be found. When I did eat, I went into survival mode because I didn’t want to stoop to chip and soda level later. At the end of the day the thought of the gym was a joke and I nearly fell asleep enjoying my only stress combatant, a glass of red.

I’ve come out of it with a ton of experience, a spare tire and a few blemishes that seem to never quite go away. I’m much happier with the career switch, but if I could only fit into my college dance team jeans. Even though they are probably out of style they signify a time when my body was in top shape.

My 29th birthday is December 17th, from now until then I am embarking on a Slim Down/Tone Up HIP Challenge. I’m doing exactly what Amber and Christine recommend on the website: 3 HIP classes, 2 Bag of Tricks, and 1 class of choice per week. I’m going to try my best to eat clean, undergo a detox in the process and stick to the plan so I can enter the last year of my 20s with health! Of course, I’m going to blog about it here. Triumphs and defeats, I promise. Dance Team Jeans by December!

-Kayte Walsh