Superior Fitness Classes, Including Yoga, Hermosa Beach, CA

Yoga Classes are Everywhere; Hermosa Beach has a Prime Studio! Yoga is a practice that unites our energies and balances our bodies and minds.  How do you think you would feel if your body and your mind were balanced? I am pretty sure that most of us would love it if it were! It seems that classes are popping up on just about every corner, offering a class that teaches yoga. Hermosa Beach is no exception to this!

In a typical class for yoga, Hermosa Beach, you will see people at all different levels, all ages, shapes and sizes.  Some will be yoga enthusiasts some beginners, and others may prefer pilates classes or other types of workouts and only practice yoga once per week. The yoga exercises are simple but powerful.  During the class, the instructor will help you calm your mind, and to make you aware what is going on with your body. Relaxation between the exercises and at the end of the class will accomplish just that – relaxation of the mind and body.

yoga Hermosa Beach

Yoga classes include exercises to loosen the muscles, and a warm up, followed by positions that will focus on the abdominal muscles and the back, incorporating flexibility to the back, spine, hips and groin. A typical yoga class ends with relaxing the body and mind, as a preparation for meditation.  As general rules to yoga, Hermosa Beach, we recommend that you remember three things.  Do it slowly, do it with awareness and be as stable as you can in your final posture.

In order to achieve the balance of mind and body, proper breathing is necessary to your workout.  By primarily breathing through the nose, we are encouraging richly oxygenated blood to travel to all body tissue, which assists in achieving positive health.  During the class, as you breath deeply, you are able to hold poses longer and with more ease.  The benefits of yoga are numerous.  They include increased flexibility, protection from injuries, improved athletic performance, weight loss, a more balanced metabolism, increased strength and tone as well as an increase in energy and vitality.

If you are a beginner, to make your first class more comfortable, remember these few tips.  First, try not to eat for 30 minutes before your class.  It is more difficult to twist and bend on a full stomach.  Next, arriving early will allow you to meet with your instructor and fill out necessary paperwork.  When doing the actual moves, try to unclench your fingers and toes.  Every pose will be easies when you are relaxed.  One very important thing to remember is to trust the instructor.  Remember to breathe, and drink plenty of water.  And the same is for every class at HIP Studio, have fun – lots of it!