What Is Her Secret!


I think we've all wondered this one... How does she stay so fit, so young and so happy all the time. Our resident Yogi Marla always brings such a positive and calming energy to all her classes even while she is making us shake and burn. She just celebrated a birthday last week and it got us thinking ... what is her secret to staying so fit and healthy. So we asked her ...

What does a typical day look like for you?  How many classes are on your schedule each week? My schedule varies every day, and I teach from 14-18 classes each week.  Typically, I will teach morning classes, have personal time in the late morning, early afternoon,  and teach again late afternoon,  early evening.  I love the flexibility of my schedule and have the opportunity to keep my home grown garden goodies going all year long.  I get to treat myself to a homemade meal pretty much every weekday, which is a blessing because I love to cook….and bake!

How do you start your day…Breakfast,Coffee? Many alternative healing traditions recommend drinking pure warm water with lemon upon arising in the morning.  I started doing this 10 years ago and still do it today.  It only takes a few days to get used to  before you notice how good it feels on the inside!! And BAM, you have yourself a healthy morning ritual. I do indulge in a cuppa joe after that, with a spoon full of coconut oil, which will give my metabolism a boost so I can  get out the door for a neighborhood walk or a HIP class.

My winter breakfast is plain yogurt and oatmeal with chia, flax and maple syrup or a Buddha Bowl. In the bowl I have quinoa, with seasonal steamed greens, green onions, avocado and a poached egg on top.

You favorite workout?  Favorite daily ritual? One ritual I try not to miss is my meditation and sun salutations.  It starts my day out just right.  One thing to keep in mind,  even 5 minutes is better than none, even a 2 minute meditation and a couple of sun salutes with do the body good!

I don’t have a favorite workout.  Depending on my day,  I will  take a pilates or yoga class, or hike, bike or swim.  When you skip a workout,  you truly do miss out on the endorphins that make you feel oh-so-good!

Any tips to stay fit and feeling good while enjoying all the holiday cheer? Tis the season to over-indulge!  Don’t skip that get together with your friends and family, just  be mindful!