Written by: Kayte Corrigan
Last weekend I joined a few long lost friends in Vegas for a laughter fest celebrating a mutual dear friend’s last few weeks as a single lady. The roster was a grip of gals from less refined years at Michigan State University. I used this weekend’s desert get-away as my reward as well as my motivation for this past month’s HIP’s 90 Day Challenge. It was sure to be a weekend of cheating on clean eating as well as an arena to test out the new bikini bod. After being diligent with my whole foods, portion control and extra cardio and ab workouts I felt I was ready for a reward, but I didn’t want to derail my success.
It turned out, we all had grown quite wise since our college years. A group of angels in Sin City. We had a suite in a non-smoking hotel and took it upon ourselves to bring in as much food as possible for the weekend. Veggies, hummus, cheese, wine, even rotisserie chickens (for protein) along with plenty of water, sunscreen and a lot of dancing made the weekend a success and complementary of our fit lifestyles. We’re still patting ourselves on the back for our good decisions.
I will admit to unwrapping a few packaged food items, but I have to say it was a weird feeling. I hadn’t torn open a single serving package in over two months and it made me take note of the act. Not only was the food inside bland and a little on the sweet side, but I found the crinkle of the wrapper itself to be a turn off. Not a present I couldn’t wait to tear into. The foil felt foreign, low quality and cheap. It was a realization that my efforts to eat clean had raised my standards for nourishment. In that moment I gained a full appreciation for all the time and effort of my food preparation during the past 60+ days.
As for the bathing suit fashion show, I’m not exactly to my goal, but I’m feeling great about my progress. And the bride to be… she’s been slimming down for her wedding day by eating clean and incorporating 2-a-day workouts, she has the abs to prove it. Certainly an inspiration for my last 30 days on the challenge!

Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer