Reformer Humor - Pilates Reformer Classes

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

There is so much to think about in Pilates Reformer classes, and sometimes we get it wrong. Some days I’ll go through a whole class with flawless grace, and other days it’s like I’m surprised I have feet. At least it’s something I can laugh about afterword. Here are a few Reformer Biffs everyone can giggle about.pilates reformer classes

  1.  When you accidentally take all the springs off and go for a ride.
  2.  That moment of panic on your back when docking the carriage, “where’s the stopper, where’s the stopper, where’s the stopper—oop there it is!”
  3. When you hit the stopper unexpectedly and hope no one else heard exactly which reformer the crash came from.
  4.  Looking around trying to figure out how everyone else got in position, like it’s human Tetris.
  5. After a hard set, quietly considering severing your other leg so you don’t have to go through it on the remaining side.
  6. That moment you realize you’ve been giving it your all, flawlessly executing the complete wrong exercise (or side) for over a whole minute. At least I worked something!
  7. The sheer fear of standing one foot on the platform and the other on the carriage and then the false confidence after a few reps. Yup, still on a moving object.
  8.  Remembering feeling like an elephant on a conveyer belt the first time ever on a reformer.
  9. When your legs get tangled with the stranger next to you durning leg circles, but the whole room is in serious stretching mode. Hello new friend!
  10. The rolling dismount off the carriage. Couldn’t feel less dainty.

 Enjoy the hilarity, it happens to everyone!