Quick Modifications - HIP Pilates

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Every day our bodies behave differently. Sometimes we’re sore, injured, recovering or we just haven’t been keeping up with our workouts. It happens. Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or getting back on the reformer after your holiday hiatus, listen closely to your body. HIP Trainers love to see client using modifications to work where they are to grow stronger and get where they want to go. You don’t have to quit an exercise if it’s not working for you, just modify your HIP Pilates moves!

Plank – Whether a side plank or forearm plank, come off your feet to your knees. Keeping the weight out of your lower back is more important than staying on your toes the whole time. Best part is, when you feel ready you can pop back up to your toes again.HIP Pilates

Plank to Pike – If your shoulders are stiff or your abs fatigued come up off your forearms to the palms of your hands for this.

Hundreds – Bring the legs back to tabletop from the diagonal, but make sure to maintain the inner thigh connection.

Tricep press or dips – If you experience pain in the wrist joint or shoulders, grab light weights and lift them over head in a tricep press. You will have more control of the load in this exercise.

Lunges – The knee is a delicate joint and injuries can flare up during lunges. You can sit in a chair pose pulling from the back footbar of the reformer, remember to always track your knee over your ankle and your shoulders over your hips, thighs parallel to the floor. You can also sit on the edge of the back platform and squeeze the Pilates ring between your inner thighs.

Use lighter springs – Always as your trainer to suggest a lighter spring setting if it’s too tough. It’s more important to control the movement properly then to try to muscle through improperly.

Don’t be shy! Always ask if there is something else you can try, we have a modification for everything.