Powered by Music

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

The musical accompaniment to your workout is more important than you think. Think about how music can influence your mood. A sad song can bring you to tears while an upbeat mix can send you dancing around the room. Research has confirmed that listening to music can increase your endurance by 15%. The beat keeps you going after you want to quit. A loud bass line keeps time for you. A great chorus diverts your attention from the burn to get in a few extra reps.

When choosing a playlist for your own workouts, a jog, or a bike ride, even beach tunes for volleyball, adhere to a couple of rules to make the most out of each track. 120 – 140 beats per minute is the zone your soundtrack should be in for maximum results. Varying the tempo will keep your workout fresh and less predictable. The proper tunes can have you moving faster in cardio exercises and fitting more reps in during strength training.

Additionally, the right music for a warm up and a cool down can prepare you mentally for the most intense part of your workout and help bring you down properly too. At HIP Studio each trainer has their own style, still staying within the 120 - 140 range to keep you moving and reaching your full potential. Pump up the volume in your own workouts and you can match the intensity you feel in class.