Christine Crivello, HIP Studio Co-Owner Discusses Pilates Reformer Classes

Christine Crivello, HIP Studio Co-Owner Discusses Pilates Reformer Classes christine crivello pilates reformer classes

The best all around workout that is customizable for people of all skill and fitness levels is Pilates. Many people confuse Pilates with yoga or other calisthenic workouts, and in some ways it is similar. Pilates combines core strengthening exercises along with an emphasis on flexibility and muscle control. The Pilates reformer is a special device invented by Joseph Pilates to add a resistance aspect to calisthenics.

It is very important to have a certified Pilates instructor guide you when you begin using a Pilates reformer. If the machine is used incorrectly you will not experience results at the very least, and at the worst, you could injure yourself. The reformer is a specialized machine that uses spring resistance rather than the plate resistance found in other gym equipment. The spring enables you to have resistance both while flexing a muscle, and relaxing a muscle. This encourages lean muscle tissue to be strengthened and toned.

The Pilates Reformer

The reformer is an intimidating piece of equipment, and attempting to figure it out on your own would be frustrating. By enrolling in a regular Pilates reformer class, you will get personal instruction on how to use the reformer to maximize your workout. The reformer is a fantastic tool to use for people who want to get results fast. It can safely accelerate your body’s metabolism, quickly build core strength, and has even been utilized in physical therapy to lessen pain.

Pilates reformer classes focus on building the muscles that support your pelvis and spine. Strengthening these muscles translates into better posture, more effective workouts, and less risk of back pain or back related problems. You will utilize specialized postures that will focus on tensing and relaxing muscles that cause stress. Even if you have never experimented with Pilates before, you can find a class that will teach you the basics, and get you excited for more.

Pilates for All Levels

Beginners or people who do not consider themselves fitness-aholics might be tempted to skip Pilates and opt for a lower intensity workout instead. This could be prolonging their journey to health and fitness, rather than jumping straight into the workout that will really make a difference.

Since Pilates is virtually no impact, it is safe for any level of fitness. As long as you are guided by a certified instructor, you will begin building stability and balance during your very first class. HIP Studio offers group and private sessions for every comfort zone.

Pilates works under the knowledge that every person is at different levels of health, and they know that no two bodies are the same. Even in high intensity workouts, the only person you will be competing against is yourself. Each practice you attend, you will be sure of getting the most comprehensive workout, and at a level that you are comfortable with. The reformer is used by your body as a tool to extend what is possible, and speed up your results so that you can reach your fitness goals sooner.