The Best Ways to Utilize a Pilates Studio

pilates studioFinding new ways to be healthy can reenergize your drive to get fit, and it can boost your normal workout into something extra special. Entering a Pilates studio can help you to enjoy some of the most intense and fun workouts. What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. It combines calisthenics with spring driven resistance to target core muscle groups. By strengthening the pelvis and back muscles, Pilates strengthens you from the center out. It can help relieve chronic back pain, improve posture and breathing, and make your fitness experience more balanced.

Most Pilates studios utilize the famous Pilates reformer. This is a special device that is used to enhance the Pilates exercises, increase flexibility, and improve strength all at once. It consists mainly of a sliding support platform called a carriage. The carriage is driven by the Pilates practitioner back and forth along rails, providing adjustable resistance for each pose and stretch. In order to get the most from the discipline of Pilates, you need to receive proper instruction from a licensed professional.

The easiest way to find certified Pilates trainers is through a Pilates studio. Set up similar to a gym, Pilates studios offer a wide range of classes for beginners and advanced students. There may also be additional services offered, and other style of fitness exercises in addition to Pilates. Often these additional services are designed to work hand in hand with Pilates, drawing forms and poses from Pilates and combining them with yoga, High Intensity Interval Training, and even dance.

Finding the Right Class for You

No matter what level of fitness you enjoy at the moment, you may be intimidated by Pilates since it requires the use of the Pilates reformer. However, you need not worry that your instructors will leave you with little knowledge coming into a class. It is a good idea is to arrive 15 minutes before your class so that you can meet with your instructor and discuss any health problems you have. The instructor will demonstrate how to stay safe while using the reformer and other Pilates related equipment.

If you are very nervous, it is a good idea to schedule a private session with a trainer. One on one instruction is the best way to make sure you are using equipment in a safe and effective way. If you become a regular at your local Pilates studio, you will become more comfortable, and you may be interested in attending group classes that will allow you to experience the challenges and breakthroughs of Pilates.

Other Services

Along with the strength and balance aspects of Pilates comes the fit lifestyle. You may be able to receive specialized nutrition advice from your Pilates studio since what goes into the body drastically hinders or helps how the body responds to physical exertion. Your Pilates studio may have a fitness program where you can track your progress and set goals, making it more likely you will follow through with your training regimen. As a full body training mechanism, Pilates is great for the fitness enthusiast and for those who just want to become healthier.