Pilates Mat vs. Pilates Reformer Classes

pilates reformer classesPilates has exploded into mainstream society over the last decade, because it can help people of all ages to live fit and healthier lives. Whether you are obese, thin, old, young, a professional, or a stay at home parent, Pilates can help by improving your flexibility and core strength. It will completely transform the way that your workouts are done, and it will allow you to tone your muscles, while gaining strength. From beginners to advanced Pilates devotees, the exercise program is highly effective in a number of ways. Pilates can be done a couple of different ways. It can be done on a mat, or people have the option to take Pilates reformer classes. The Pros and Cons of Mat Workouts

Mat classes will be much more beneficial for beginners, because they can learn the basics of the more than 500 Pilates exercises that are available before adding other apparatuses into their workouts. Beginner mat classes will focus on learning how to exercise control over your muscles. Mat classes are typically cheaper than reformer classes, so even people on strict budgets can afford them. They are not equipment dependent, so there will never be any equipment to buy. The classes are easily found in most gyms across the country, and they will enable you to learn tons of quality exercises that you can do at home, at work, on the go, or anywhere you want to practice outside of your class sessions. They offer many health benefits just as reformer classes do, so mat classes are a great choice to become acquainted with how Pilates works. There really aren’t any cons to mat classes, other than the fact that you won’t get the same level of workout that you will get with reformer Pilates.

The Pros and Cons of Reformer Workouts

Reformer classes take strength training to the next level. You will be working against spring resistance with the machine, and it is often more difficult than mat classes. The springs will provide plenty of support for the harder exercises that you will be doing, so you will be able to add many variations to the exercises that will constantly keep them new and exciting. Reformer classes cost more than mat classes, but the cost is still a lot cheaper than what you would pay for private workout sessions. Reformer Pilates is much more versatile than what you will experience using a mat, so you will never get bored. The health benefits of reformer Pilates are phenomenal.

What to Expect During Mat & Reformer Workouts

  • The workout will enable you to work with mental focus, so that you learn how to breathe and give total attention to your workout.
  • The movements are organized and systematic with every movement having repetition.
  • All major muscle groups will be stretched and exercised each and every session.
  • Quality of movement is stressed, rather than quantity of movements.
  • The workout will be intense and a lot of fun.

Each has its pros and cons, but people will find it much easier and more beneficial to take classes that use reformers. HIP Studio offers a variety of Pilates reformer classes everyday. These include High Intensity Pilates Classes, Pilates Jump Board and 30/30 Burn/ Reform.