Pilates Classes – Revitalize Your Whole Body

How would your world change if you had an improvement in your posture, abdominal strength, circulation, flexibility, and your range of motion?  What would you think if the pain in your back, neck and joints decreased?  We are willing to bet that many people would do a lot of things to get these results.  Joseph Herbertus Pilates was quoted saying that he had never taken an aspirin, and was never injured a day in his life, so he must be doing something right.  Pilates classes have more benefits than just slimming down and burning calories.  It unique system of stretches and strengthening exercises specifically designed to tighten your core, increase flexibility, and according to Pilates quote, help reduce injuries. The great thing about Pilates classes is that the techniques you learn reach outside the fitness studio.  As you are living your life, you hear that still small voice inside you saying, “breathe deeply, sit up straight and pull down your shoulders".  The Pilates workout and the tips they teach you will have you more aware of how you are sitting, standing, walking, and how these daily activities are producing direct results to the aches and pains in your body.

We should be moving our bodies, on a daily basis, in a symmetrical motion.  Working out in a gym by ourselves, we tend to isolate muscle groups, and focus on them solely.  By attending Pilates classes, we are taking out the isolation element, and working the body as a whole, teaching to body to work with symmetrical synergy.

pilates classes

For the beginner, Pilates can be intimidating, but remember that everyone had to have their first class at one point.  If you remember these few tips, then you are likely to have a more enjoyable first class.  First: listen. It might sound like a "duh" moment, but if you are in tune to what your body is saying, and what the instructor is saying, your experience will be more pleasant.  Second: trust. Your instructor has been doing Pilates, and teaching it for long enough to know the positions that your body is able to do, and if they know you are a beginner, they will help you as much as they can! Lastly, stick with it! Joseph Pilates said, "In ten sessions YOU will feel the difference, in twenty you will SEE the difference and in thirty, you will have a whole new body".

Here is what a satisfied customer had to say:

I love coming to HIP 5-6 days a week for classes. In less than 6 weeks I've seen dramatic results. My energy is way up, my clothes are fitting well, and I'm getting leaner by the day. I've replaced 10hours at the gym with 5-6hours here. Thank you to all the amazing instructors and friendly hipsters!