Mondays: Reset for Success

Written by: Kayte Corrigan I’ve completed my first week of the HIP Challenge and I learned a lot. I’ve learned that a good outfit makes all the difference, not all pants were created equal. I’ve learned that foam rolling in front of the TV in the evening is amazing after Bag of Tricks. But most importantly I’ve learned that if you only give yourself one day off per week, don’t make that day Monday. Things come up, life happens, you could get a flat tire, have to tend to family needs or even just be too burnt out. It’s okay. But get there on Mondays. It sets the tone for your week and gets you back on track if you made questionable decisions over the weekend. Monday is often the day we hit the reset button, so reset for success. Lesson learned for this HIPster. This week starts of the right way so I can end it on a high note.

-Your Guinea Pig, Kayte Walsh

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