A lot can happen in 30 days

photo 3If you’ve walked into our lobby lately you’ve seen these numbers on the wall. A lot of you have stopped to ask what it all means. Well today we are officially on day 46 of our hip 90-day challenge. Our challengers are killing it this year. In 30 days, they have lost inches head to toe, are down in body fat %, and the scale has dropped 5 -10 pounds for most challengers! But more importantly they are feeling better than ever. Each day they are feeling stronger and more confident that they will reach their goals by the 90-day mark.

One of our challengers wrote us: After the initial 30 days, I am happiest about how strong my arms are getting. I have been finding it easier to carry my little ones. Well, one is 7 and yes, I still carry him. Mainly I am super excited about losing body fat and having more energy to be active with the kids! I would like to lose more inches cause summer is right around the corner and getting into a bathing suit is not my idea of a fun time, yet! Let's hope these next two months are as successful, if not more, than the first!

And she’s not alone. All it takes is committing to a plan with a goal in mind. Once you have a plan, all it takes is being consistent with your eating and working out. It’s that simple. There are no big secrets to changing your body. It’s two simple things – DIET & EXERCISE.

Oh so what are all the numbers about… the numbers represent a weeks worth of clean eating, working out and various challenges. Each week challengers get 5 points for eating a clean breakfast, 5 for lunch, 5 for dinner and points for 2 snacks a day. They also get 2 points for workouts in the studio and an additional point for exclusive home workout videos we give to them. Every week is a new challenge to focus on. If you’ve seen some ripped arms in the studio lately it was probably from the 350 push-ups they did last week! This week they are pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, amping up the intensity and switching up their routines.

Not surprisingly the biggest question we get is ‘can we have wine’ … yes of course you can! We love wine too. A glass here and there is fine. More than that you will lose points, but that’s the beauty of this plan. We keep you accountable. 1 glass is OK but a second glass you lose 2 points.

If you’re looking for an extra push to get ready for summer, you can jump in this challenge any time. Just give us a call or shoot us an email (info@hipstudio.com) and we will set you up. Follow @hipstudio & #hipstudio on Instagram to see what we’re up to for the next 44 days.