Are you waiting to live your PURPOSE?


You don't have to wait another minute to live your PURPOSE! It struck me while reading about Oprah's recent partnership with Weight Watchers, that although she continues to struggle with her weight after all these years, it has not deterred her from living her purpose of educating, enlightening and inspiring millions of people for the last 30 years. She's not waiting to master her own challenges before attempting to empower others to face their challenges head on. Most of us aren't destined to follow in Oprah's footsteps, but we are destined to share our our unique greatness with the world, big or small. I have often found myself putting things off until I figure it out ... get it right ... stop struggling.  For some reason, I think I need to have it all figured out before I step into my purpose. I think I need to be struggle-free before I start helping others conquer their own struggles ... and I realize that I've got it all backwards. It is by acknowledging, facing, accepting, and growing through my imperfections and understanding my own "human condition" that I will most fully live my purpose in helping others! Stop putting off living your true purpose. We all have our very own special and unique gifts. What are yours? What makes you feel that surge of bliss and fulfillment? What do you know in your heart you were born to do? NOW is the right time! Don't compare, don't judge, just start living it.