How Pilates and Yoga Can Help You Live a Better Life

pilates_and_yoga_balancePilates and yoga are much more than passing fads in the world of exercise. When these two techniques are combined, they can bring phenomenal health benefits to the body that people aren’t always able to achieve through other forms of non-aerobic exercise. Pilates focuses on the body as a whole, targeting all major muscle groups. It is challenging to say the least, and it requires a significant amount of concentration. Yoga and Pilates are both total mind and body approaches that help you find your center of balance, so that you can have total control over your body by engaging in various movements and exercises. Pilates is actually much different from yoga, but the two complement each other perfectly. Pilates tends to focus more on core strength, while yoga tends to focus on developing strength and stretching. Improving Your Health with Yoga and Pilates

Many people are under the misconception that yoga and Pilates are simple exercises that won’t do much for their body. They couldn’t be more wrong. To engage in these workouts, you must have a high level of concentration, and you must be committed to the process. Yoga exercises will bring your mind and body together in harmony, through using a range of meditation, breathing techniques, and exercises combined. When you are performing yoga, the exercises that you do will put a great deal of pressure on all of the glandular systems in your body. This is the key to improving your health through yoga. The benefits are endless, and you will see a complete change in your body after you have attended a few Pilates and Yoga classes.

Some of the Key Benefits of Pilates & Yoga 

  • Improved Brain Function and Concentration
  • Increased Sense of Well-Being and Body Awareness
  • Increased Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Increased Blood Circulation and Lung Capacity
  • Improved Flexibility and Posture
  • Relives Muscle Stiffness and Pain Caused by Various Ailments
  • Improved Stress Management Abilities
  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Reduced Levels of Fatigue
  • Increased Ability to Soothe the Mind and Calm the Soul

Signing Up for Classes

Signing up for yoga and Pilates classes at HIP Studio is a breeze. HIP Studio even offers a Yoga Add-On to your Pilates membership. Yoga and Pilates is a great way to add fun and creativity to your workout regimen, and you will not be disappointed with the level of benefits that you will receive from engaging in these exercises. Whether you are going solo with a private trainer or joining a class, you will begin to see positive results almost immediately. People that engage in Pilates and yoga at least twice a week for hour long sessions find that their overall sense of well-being improves greatly.

Hip Studio offers Pilates and yoga classes, in addition to other types of exercise classes. They are one of the best health and fitness studios in Hermosa Beach, CA.