Influenza / Out-fluenza: Flu Prevention

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

It’s that time of year again when we all look at each other to nod in agreement, “Something is going around.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the bug or not there are a few things to do around your house, office and the studio that can help prevent the spread of viruses. Even if you’ve gotten your flu shot, take precaution for a healthy start to the new year.

Stay Home When You Are Sick – They are called sick days for a reason, it’s okay to stay home! Rest up, recuperate and get back at it when you feel better. No one ever got better faster by denying themselves rest.

Wash You Hands – Even when they aren’t visibly dirty. Besides the usual after the restroom and before you eat, it’s a good idea to give your paws a cleaning after you’ve been in public spaces using community equipment (like reformers, TRX and weights), after you use your computer or driving your car, being in contact with someone who’s ill and before touching your face or eyes.

Clean Surfaces – Believe it or not, flu viruses may live for several hours on surfaces. Don’t take the chance and regularly whip down high traffic places and items in your home like the fridge door handle and the kitchen table. We’re doing the same at the studio too!

Don’t Share – Sharing is caring except when it’s an illness. When you are sick keep your distance from your friends and loved ones (1 meter is suggested), and don’t share food, bedding, or other personal item when a bug is going around.

Practice Good Health – Getting good nutrition and rest keeps your immune system in proper order to fight back when you come in contact with viruses. Getting some extra Vitamin C during the next few weeks will not only help you recover faster if you do get the flu, but it will may aid your attempt to keep it at arms length all season.