Improve Your Posture with Pilates Classes - Just 2x per Week

Tired of slouching at your desk? Pilates classes, two times per week, can help improve your posture! pilates classes

Pilates exercises are designed to allow the body to move efficiently, and they can greatly improve a person’s posture if they engage in a routine workout regimen at least 2x per week. The reason that Pilates is so beneficial to people that have poor posture is because it is designed to target and develop the use of core strength. When the core muscles of the back, abdominals, and pelvic floor are used, our posture is better supported to where it will allow the neck, head, and shoulders to relax and have a better range of motion. Pilates can and will relieve stress on the feet, legs, and hips as well. Good posture eliminates general backaches that do not have an underlying cause, and it makes a person look as well as feel strong and healthy.

Pilates Exercises to Improve Posture There are many great Pilates exercises that will improve posture, but the most noteworthy ones are pelvic curls, roll ups, Pilates plank pose exercises, and finding neutral spine exercises. In addition to supporting good posture, these exercises can in turn help people who are suffering from respiratory diseases. When a person has good posture they are able to stand up straight, which will allow them to breathe more fully and deeply. Good breathing is an essential part of having good posture, so the two go hand in hand. Pilates can make a person feel better as a whole, to where they will feel much less stress and pain. Good posture may not seem like a great benefit that is derived from engaging in the exercise, but it is vitally important.

Good Posture Benefits from Pilates

  • Pain relief will be experienced throughout the body, from the hips, feet, and legs, to the neck and back.
  • Good posture enables people to move freely and efficiently, so that they are able to improve their overall quality of life.
  • Muscle function will be greatly improved, and people will have much more energy.
  • Range of motion will significantly increase.
  • People will appear to have a slim appearance if they are able to stand up straight.
  • Compressed organs will no longer have any pressure.
  • Circulation will be improved.
  • People will feel much more confident and positive about their life if their posture is good.

Meeting Your Goals with a Good Pilates Program HIP Studio, a Pilates and Fitness studio in Hermosa Beach offers quality Pilates classes. We encourage you to discuss your goals and experience with our instructor before your first class. We offer a variety of classes, each of them providing distinct and complimentary benefits, so it may be best to combine these programs for the utmost benefit to your posture and health.