Our hip90 day challenge has come to an end and surprisingly we’re all a little sad. Sad only because the results this year have been amazing and everyone wants to keep going! The transformations, both in mind and body, have been inspiring and impressive. These ladies worked hard and it shows. The reason why this program works is because it’s not a ‘diet’ or about deprivation, it’s about making better choices. It’s not about counting calories and killing yourself in your workouts. It’s about change; change in your thinking and in your behavior. Image-1Each week the challengers got a new challenge to focus on. They varied from one week with no sugar (yes no alcohol too), to 50 push-ups everyday then to changing your perspective with a gratitude journal. These weekly challenges along with our meal plan and checking in with us kept everyone on track and accountable. Every week you learn something new, you push yourself in a different way and you start seeing changes. You start feeling better, clothes are fitting loser and energy is up. Half way into it, it becomes ‘normal’ not to order that 3rd glass of wine, not to grab that french fry your friends are eating and to check the ingredient list on your purchases. All those things that seemed crazy at first start to come naturally.

If your ready for a change or just need an extra boost we are starting our hip60 program Wednesday, May 7th which will take you up to July 3rd right in time for 4th of July. Sign up here (under our online store/products).

We're so proud of these ladies and wanted to share some of our favorite quotes:

photoMy biggest take away was that I really had no idea of how poorly I was eating and treating my body.  I am not a sweets person in general, but was shocked to learn of the sugar I was consuming on a daily basis in bread, pasta sauce, condiments, regular yogurt, etc.  More importantly, I did not realize the impact it had on my blood sugar levels and how it was directly contributing to the added weight I wanted to lose.

Overall I feel really great.  I have more energy, I sleep better and feel better in my clothes.  I am very glad that I did this challenge and that I now have the knowledge and tools to continue with it.  

Image-1My biggest take away: Exercise only works if you do it regularly - you can only be fit with consistency.

I feel 100% better than I did when I first walked in.

This challenge has been the best gift I could have ever given to myself!!!

On completing the challenge: The inspiration came from you and your team. The classes are fast paced and fun, the instructors are top notch, the eating part of the challenge was a challenge but it was doable.

On reaching her goals: I feel like I'm much closer to where I want to be since beginning the challenge, which is why I joined. It's a good way to keep you accountable, and I have to say, I'm sad it's over!!

I have stamina, no headaches, more energy, and am off anxiety medicine. I'm starting to notice that my jeans are fitting me much better than before.

The biggest takeaway is that I need to continue to make myself and my health a priority. I will continue to eat clean. The workouts are the biggest challenge for me, but I love all the Hip videos. It's great to be able to squeeze those in on the days when I can't get to the gym or when I'm traveling.

On reaching her goal of push-ups on her toes: Success! I reached this goal in the first 30 days, which made me realize that I could do this all along, I just wasn't pushing myself hard enough. So that became a theme in my workouts over the past 90 days. Whenever the instructors offered a harder or an advanced variation, I tried it. Every time. I couldn't always do it for all the reps or the entire duration of time, but I always tried it. And I surprised myself over and over again!