hip90 Day Challenge Starting Monday January 18th!

We're doing it again! Now it's your time! Time to get back to you! Time to put yourself at the top of the list. Time to be your most healthy, fit, strong and sexy self! Starting Monday, January 18th we will start our 4th annual challenge. You'll learn how to eat clean without feeling like you are on a diet and we will teach you how to get the most out of your hip workouts.

We created this program 3 years ago to help clients start seeing the results they wanted. With the accountability and consistency this program provides, we’ve had over 300 clients join the challenge and achieve amazing results. Results in not only how they look but in how they FEEL! This program shows you you can still eat out with your friends, go to parties and have a social life while losing weight, building lean muscle and increasing your energy every day!

Each year the program gets better and better and this year we will be introducing 4 workshops with expert nutrition coach Shana Ekedal. Workshop topics will include: How to Shake the Sugar Habit, How to Party and Socialize Without Expanding your Waistline, Stop Struggling and Start Losing Weight and How to Get the Body You Wan



Weekly coaching with Amber & Christine

34 pages manual (this is your bible!) includes:

what to eat, when to eat & what not to eat Meal Plan & Recipes, Grocery List Our favorite foods to buy Tips for eating out Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack ideas What to order when eating out and our favorite Southbay restaurants. Body measurements, weight, body fat and pictures taken Day 1, Day 30 and Day 90. Point tracker Weekly emails sent every Sunday with you challenge for the week. Journal Workout Videos exclusive to Challengers!

NEW TO THE MANUAL: How to ‘booze’ the right way, Avoid the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster, The Magic Plate, Meal Timing Tips, Restaurant Cheat Sheet.

Sign up here in our online store under products and we will help you with the rest!

Price without workshops: $159 / including workshops $200 Less than $18 a week for a healthier happier you!