hip90 2015 | Finding Your Best Self

This year we had 25 challengers finish our hip90 program with amazing transformations! Physically the results are visible and not only do these challengers look their best they FEEL their best! Energy is up, attitudes have changed and everyone feels happier, stronger and excited about this new ‘lifestyle’ they have found. It’s not a diet. It's not about deprivation. It’s about making better choices each day that eventually become healthy habit. How you fuel your body is everything. Food is a drug; it either makes you feel good or it makes you sick. Our energy, our attitudes and our health are all affected by what we put in our bodies.

This program will teach you what clean eating is about and what foods to eat to keep your energy up all day. You will eat real food, you will not cut out food group and we help you stay accountable each week.

By eating clean you will start to drop body fat and build lean muscle. If you’re ready for a change we’re starting our hip60 program Monday, May 4th. This will take you right up to the 4th of July weekend. To sign up click here and go to the products tab in the online store. Once you sign up we will send you your hip60 manual and you’ll schedule your first appointment with us.

We’re so proud and excited for these latest challengers we had to share their amazing transformation and some of our favorite quotes:

IMG_4987My attitude has changed so much. I am such a happier person which is incredible b/c I was a pretty happy person to begin with.  

Being my healthiest self gives me so much energy and excitement.  It truly has been remarkable how much it affects my overall mood! 

The plan really works - it’s not a diet but a lifestyle for sure.

On losing her baby weight;  I couldn't IMG_7701have done it that quickly without committing to the challenge,especially the clean eating. I think the biggest success for me was being able to fit comfortably back into my work suits and how the eating portion continues to be a sustainable lifestyle change.

I feel great and I'm really proud of myself for sticking to the 90 days. I had some doubts at the beginning, because it seemed like a very long time. After doing this challenge I know IMG_4049I can continue with a clean eating lifestyle and when I do have moments of weakness, I can return to the plan.

On where she sees the biggest change: My energy, attitude, my body, mental and physical strength, reduction in neck and back pain, my happiness, and my self worth. 

Since the challenge has ended, I catch myself counting points. I have learned so much about clean eating and will continue to carry on my new IMG_5001  image3way of life. All of my favorite HIP recipes will stay up on the fridge ;)

My arms are tighter, my thighs are tighter and my cellulite is way less!! My all day long energy is way up and I feel my former athlete self starting to come back to life.

My biggest challenge was probably resisting temptation, whether it was lunches and dinners out with friends, happy hour, or treats sitting around at work. It’s easy to start justifying an IMG_5009extra drink or something to unhealthy to satisfy a craving. Luckily keeping track of points each day helped keep me accountable. I hate having to enter in a deduction!

I feel amazing! This year I really committed to sticking with the challenge I think it paid off! I feel like I’ve made positive lifestyle changes that I can easily stick with. In the beginning it definitely seems daunting, but once clean eating becomes a habit it’s hard to remember why you didn’t do it in the first place!

Definitely keeping my energy up while traveling. I used to feel wiped out at the end of a trip. Now I actually have energy! Cutting down on the sugar, caffeine and alcohol and watching what I ate really made a difference. Plus getting in, even a small work out, every day really kept me track.

I feel much better mentally and physically than I did in Jan.