HIP Tips: Puff Prevention

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Some days you wake up to adverse effects of your body just doing its thing. That tight, too-full feeling can follow too much salty food, alcohol, PMS, over-eating, etc. Get back to comfort and reduced the bloat with a few HIP tips.

Potassium rich foods help to regulate the fluid balance in your body. Cut the salty carbs and indulge in fruits and veggies instead.

Say no to sugar substitutes. Sorbitol and maltitol, frequently found in sugar-free foods and sugarless gum, can exacerbate gas and discomfort in people who are super sensitive.

Fight the fizz by staying away from carbonation. Soda and seltzer contain carbon dioxide, which can cause discomfort when the bubbles enter the digestive track.

Water beats sodium and sodium causes bloat. Salty foods cause water retention, and drinking water is the antidote. So grab a glass and add a lemon to aid digestion and eliminate waste more efficiently.

Walk it off. Exercise helps pass gas through the digestive track more quickly. Even a ten-minute walk will do wonders.