HIP Studio Tips For Grandmas

HIP StudioWritten by: Kayte Corrigan The experts at HIP Studio know that fitness is a life long thing like a marriage, ‘til death do you part, and a good reason why grandmas are looking and acting younger and younger. There are times your relationship with fitness might suffer, times when you’re bored with your fitness, or you just don’t give your fitness enough attention. Sometimes you feel like the romance is gone, but if you’re dedicated to making the relationship work, fitness will have your back ‘til the end, the very end. Live long and healthy so you can see the third generation.

50s: Gravity and metabolism are frienemies now. Women gain an average of 12lbs post menopause and everything else droops. Posture is key, it can certainly age you one way or another. If you haven’t started strength training by now, get right on it. Keep a set of dumbbells around if you can’t get to a class, conscious of proper technique. Activity will require more recovery time. Stretch after every workout no matter what. Pilates and yoga will help you recover and stretch while maintaining strength and increasing flexibility. Strength and flexibility become synonymous with health.

60s & 70s: Joint health becomes a focus, so don’t give up on fitness. We’re not saying run a marathon, but don’t let aches and pains hinder working out. Adapt your workout, low impact rules. Enjoy long walks. Resistance training is still important, but using lighter weight will relieve joint pain while lifting. This isn’t the time to max-out on your bench press. Stretching and practicing balance postures are also essential. If you don’t stretch now, the flexibly in your joints when you’re 80 will be completely lost. Pilates can aid in flexibility as well as balance, both of which will carry you through the golden years with grace.